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Radian Building

Radian Research, Inc. operates out of two facilities. One in Pearl, Mississippi where Radian’s fully owned subsidiary, Watthour Engineering Company, Inc. (WECO) is located and the other at Lafayette, Indiana where the Corporate Headquarters are located.

At the Pearl, Mississippi facility we are focused on “Engineered Solutions” with the following business areas:

- WECO Software Solutions: Engineering development of: Software for Asset Management and Smart Grid Device Management; Meter Test Data Management; Testing System User Interface.

- WECO Testing Solutions: Engineering design of electric utility testing products for laboratory and field applications including custom products for specific utility needs.

At the Lafayette, Indiana facility we have the following business areas:

- Customer Service, Sales & Marketing: Our direct interface to Customers and Field Sales staff.

- Research, Development & Engineering: Concentrates on creating innovative power and energy measuring technologies.

- Calibration, Metrology & Measurement Traceability: Focused on our commitment to ensuring that a watthour is truly a watthour and are NIST traceable allowing our Customers to verify measurement accuracy with confidence.

- Procurement, Production & Quality Assurance: These three areas work together with attention to detail while employing our ISO-9001 Quality System and supporting our ISO-17025 accredited laboratory.

- Accounting, Finance & Human Relations: Maintain our company scoreboard and support our valuable human assets.

Radian Research Company Overview

Radian Research, Inc. is a recognized world leader of Energy Reference Standards, Energy Meter Testing Systems, Current Transformer Testers, Meter Test Boards, DC to AC Transfer Standards, and Automated Laboratory Energy Reference Systems. Radian provides both portable and primary energy reference standards that are absolutely unequaled in accuracy, stability and reliability. Radian customers typically consist of electric utility companies, energy meter manufacturers, energy meter test system manufacturers and national metrology institutes located throughout the world. Radian Energy Reference Standards and Test Equipment supports the needs of ANSI C12.20, IEC 62052 and IEC 62053 standards.

IEC/AS Standard 62053-11 covers Accuracy Class 0.5, 1.0 and 2 for electromechanical meters for active energy (watt-hours) - this means the accuracy as a percentage from reading under full load conditions and unity power factor. However, the accuracy deteriorates under lower load conditions when power factor is less than unity.

IEC/AS Standard 62053-21 covers Accuracy Class 1.0 and 2 for static/electronic meters for active energy (watt-hours), which means the accuracy as a percentage from reading based on full load conditions and unity power factor. However, the accuracy deteriorates under lower load conditions, power factor less than unity along with the presence of harmonics.

IEC/AS Standard 62053-22 covers a higher Accuracy Standard of 0.2S and 0.5S for static/electronic for active energy (watt-hours) providing a higher Accuracy Standard under full load conditions and unity power factor, in addition to better accuracy readings at much lower load currents, power factor conditions less than unity along with the presence of harmonics.

Read more:

Radian Research Quality Policy

Radian Research is committed to exceeding the requirements of its Customers through continual improvement of our processes, products, services and quality management system.

The management of the Radian Research calibration laboratory is committed to good professional practice and to the quality of its calibration in servicing its Customers both domestic and abroad. Delivering our Customers exceptional calibration quality is held in the highest regard. This commitment is shared throughout the entirety of the Radian Research organization.

The standard of service of the Radian Research calibration laboratory is of the highest quality achievable. This is accomplished through management's ongoing commitment to being the calibration service provider of choice.

The purpose of the Radian Research management system is to consistently maintain high standards of performance and measurement quality and to provide our Customers the best in-class calibration services.

All Radian Research calibrations are performed by technically competent laboratory personnel who are familiar with the quality system documentation and implement these policies and procedures daily in their work.

The calibration laboratory management of Radian Research is committed to compliance with the ISO/IEC 17025 International Standard and to the continual improvement of the quality management system's effectiveness.

Radian Research Mission Statement

Radian Research is committed to being the globally recognized leader for providing innovative and technologically superior products of high quality while maintaining a metrology capability in power and energy measurement that is second to none.

Radian Research Company History and Highlights

Imagine a company based in Lafayette, Indiana that researches new power and energy measurement technologies and develops electrical measurement instruments offering accuracy levels that are arguably the best in the world. Imagine that these products are sold in nearly 50 different countries each year. Imagine that these products play a cornerstone role in maintaining the integrity of the watt-hour for electricity commerce worldwide. Imagine that nearly every one of the 10 million new electricity meters installed each year in the US, such as the one on your home or place of employment, has been calibrated for accuracy against this company's Energy Reference Standards.

Imagine a company founded upon innovation, technology breakthrough and outstanding customer service. This company is Radian Research, Inc. Radian is a privately held corporation founded by Glenn A. Mayfield in 1982. As an electrical measurement physicist, Mr. Mayfield realized that watt-hour reference standards would require a technological advancement to be accurate and stable enough to test new emerging electronic watt-hour revenue billing meters. Therefore, he established the Company's focus as the research, development and production of advanced power and energy measurement instruments for the worldwide electric utility industry.

In 1985 Radian Research began production of its first product, the RM-10 Portable Watt-hour Standard. The RM-10 provided specific innovative features, developed by Glenn Mayfield, which improved accuracy, enhanced testing efficiency and provided greater safety. Totally auto-ranging inputs for current (0 to 50 amps), voltage (60 to 600 volts) and auxiliary power (80 to 600 volts) made it impossible to damage the unit by applying the signal to the wrong tap. A true watt-hour display with a Kh of 1 on all ranges allowed for a much simpler energy meter error calculation. Remote digital display gating eliminated the need for switching the potential while further enhancing accuracy. With its high accuracy, innovative features, and a weight of only 5.5 pounds, the RM-10 soon became the number one selling watt-hour standard in North America. It should be further emphasized that the Radian RM-10 was the first energy metering instrument in the world to provide a wide range auxiliary power input as well as the first to provide an auto-ranging voltage input - these were innovations by Glenn Mayfield that dramatically changed the technology of energy meters and energy standards made by all manufacturers of such products around the world.

In 1986 Radian Research introduced its first primary watt-hour standard, the RM-11. The RM-11 was by far the most accurate over a wide range, stable and lightest weight self-contained primary watt-hour reference standard manufactured in the world, up until Radian introduced the RD Dytronic line of Reference Standards. The RM-11 also provided many of the same innovative features which were previously introduced with the RM-10. The RM-11 was so accurate and stable that many laboratories in the US began transferring the watt-hour directly to NIST instead of the traditional DC to AC transfer methods.

From 1986 to 1990 Radian added various watt-hour meter testing accessories to its product line. These accessories assisted in the automation of testing induction and electronic watt-hour meters. During this same time Radian Research was investing several million dollars into the research and development of an automated AC laboratory reference system product. Then, in 1990 Radian Research introduced the RS-703A Syntron Automated Calibration System with an accuracy of +/- 0.005% +/- traceability uncertainty.

By 1993 Radian had experienced significant growth requiring it to purchase land and have a 22000 square feet custom facility built. This facility became the Corporate Headquarters for Radian Research and houses all aspects of the business including a state-of-the-art surface mount production facility.

From 1993 to 2003 Radian continued to introduce new technologies and new subsequent products, including the various models of the RD Dytronic line of single phase and three phase multifunction reference standards and DC to AC transfer standards. The RD standards contain Radian designed Analog to Digital Converters optimized for power and energy measurement. Radian's RD line of energy reference standards had the broadest offering of models and functionality options as compared to any other manufacturer of energy reference standards in the world. The RD line replaced the RM line of energy reference standards.

In 2005 Radian Research purchased Utility Test Equipment Company (UTEC).The acquisition of UTEC enabled Radian to significantly expand its product offering to the electric utility industry by providing turnkey field test systems for energy meters and current transformers as well as individual equipment pieces that allow customers ultimate flexibility in meeting their testing and calibration requirements.

In 2008 Radian expanded its facility to 30,000 square feet with a new Research and Development Laboratory coupled with new offices and a new break room. The corporation also went through a restructuring of its ownership by purchasing all of its issued stock and forming an Employee Stock Ownership Plan and thus became a 100% Employee Owned Corporation.

In 2009 Radian Research, Inc. was recognized as one of the 50 top Companies to Watch in the state of Indiana. This is a prestigious award given to those companies that have a high growth of revenue and accelerated job creation. The company also starting shipping its next generation of Automated Laboratory Calibrators, the RS-933 which features expanded current sourcing capabilities.

In 2010, in support of extended research and development investment, Radian Research once again expanded its facility for a new 6,000 square feet of additional Research and Development Laboratory space.

In 2011 Radian Research acquired 100% of WECO stock to combine the companies under one ESOP umbrella. The combination of RADIAN and WECO created the world's largest and most technologically innovative provider of energy reference standards, advanced energy meter testing systems and automated laboratory calibration systems. This strategic combination brings together the strengths of WECO's WATT-Net and Winboard software with RADIAN's accurate and precise energy measurement to deliver leading edge testing solutions for all classes of electricity meters including the very latest advancements in Smart Metering. Radian Research now operates out of two facilities ... a 40,000 square feet facility in Lafayette, Indiana and a 25,000 square feet facility in Pearl, Mississippi.

In 2013 Radian Research formed a new business unit named WECO Software Solutions offering a variety of software products ranging from utility meter shop asset management enterprise systems to meter test data management to test system control. No other company offers the wide range of software solutions and integrated solutions with hardware and software to the utility industry for meter shop applications. Our software solutions are designed and developed by our software team to provide the functionality required by our customers.

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Letter from the President

Dear Customers and Friends of Radian Research
Our company has been granted numerous patents from research of new power and energy measurement technologies of which we then develop electrical measurement instruments offering accuracy levels that are arguably the best in the world. We are a company founded upon innovation. Our product portfolio includes a variety of test and measurement instruments that are sold in over 50 different countries each year and play a cornerstone role in maintaining the integrity of the watt-hour for electricity commerce worldwide. We are Radian Research, Inc. and we are Power and Energy Measurement Specialists.

In 2008 Radian Research created a trust and implemented an Employee Stock Ownership Plan. As a 100% ESOP corporation Radian's employees at both the Lafayette, Indiana and Pearl, Mississippi facilities are beneficial owners. Every effort by every employee helps to advance the company while also advancing the value of their personal retirement accounts from the ESOP. This company ownership structure allows the employees to participate with an entrepreneurial spirit and fosters enthusiasm for exceeding customer expectations. Along with the Employee Stock Ownership Plan, Radian Research maintains a matching 401K plan and a variety of other benefits. We have been told that few companies come close to the quantity and quality level of our employee benefits package.

Tim Everidge, President and CEO of Radian Research Inc.

At Radian Research we are competitive. We like to win. We expect to provide the best products and services in our defined market. Our mentality is one of continuous improvement throughout the organization. We also believe it is important to maintain a high performance work environment that is participative by its very nature where the actions by all are in support of fulfilling our strategic plan of which is communicated to every employee in every department of our company. We seek to add employees to our team that desire to be informed, participative and competitive while also being kind hearted. Each year we actively recruit for the best talent from around the US and the world.

Winning for us is not isolated to providing the best products and services to our customers. It's also about participating in the well-being of our community. We are proud of our Lafayette, Indiana and Pearl, Mississippi facilities of operation. Stewardship in our community is proactively facilitated by our employees. Over the past few years the employees of Radian Research decided to support various charity organizations such as: The Boys and Girls Club, Food Finders Food Bank, Salvation Army Christmas Toy Drive, Habitat for Humanity, United Way Day of Caring, Indiana Blood Center and the Red Cross.

The winning spirit of Radian Research has caught the attention of many over the past few years. Radian Research was recognized by the Indiana Development Corporation and Governor Mitch Daniels as one of the Top 50 Companies to Watch in the state of Indiana. This award is based upon accelerated revenue growth and job creation. We've also been invited to participate in a dialog with Richard Lugar, US Senator for Indiana, regarding the impact of Employee Stock Ownership Plans and why tax legislation regarding ESOPs should remain favorable to companies that implement such plans. Richard Mourdock, State Treasurer of Indiana, was a guest speaker at our initial ESOP announcement ceremony ... an event that was the lead story on WLFI Channel 18 News. In addition, Radian Research was a featured company on the national television program, Inside Business Report, hosted by Fred Thompson.

We obviously cannot accomplish this level of performance, success and attention without the support of our customers. Thank you for putting your trust in Radian Research test and measurement instruments for power and energy. We understand the importance of accurate, precise and stable measurements - it is the basis of our business. We are Radian Research, Inc. and we are Power and Energy Measurement Specialists.


Tim C. Everidge
President and CEO

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Radian Research Board of Directors

Radian Research prides itself in maintaining a Board of Directors that consists of proven business professionals each with his/her own area of expertise.  This spectrum of knowledge is effectively applied to oversee the operation of the Company and to provide the guidance and advice in achieving performance goals. The Radian Research Board of Directors meets every quarter.

Laura Carson   Laura Carson, Chair of the Board (Outside Director)  Laura is currently the CFO of Camp Tecumseh YMCA in Brookston, Indiana.  Prior to that Laura was Vice President of Accounting and Administration for Materials Processing, Inc. overseeing the financials for its ten consolidated companies.  In her career, Laura has lead and managed all aspects of accounting and finance with experience in mergers / acquisitions, cash management and investment management.  Laura has previously served on several Boards providing her leadership in the accounting and finance areas.  Laura received a B.S. degree in Business Management from Indiana University graduating Magna Cum Laude. 

Arden Bement   Arden Bement, Jr., Chair of Strategy Committee (Outside Director) A few highlights of Arden's vast career includes:  He is a former Director of the National Science Foundation (NSF) and also a former Director of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).  He was the founding Director of the Global Policy Research Institute and was the Chief Global Affairs Officer for Purdue University.  In addition, Arden has been a Distinguished Professor of Nuclear Engineering, Materials, Electrical and Computer Engineering at Purdue University and  is a retired lieutenant colonel of the United States Army Corps of Engineers.  Arden received a BS degree in Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines, MS degree in Engineering from the University of Idaho and a PhD in Engineering from the University of Michigan.

Charles Weimer   Charles Weimer, Chair of Compensation Committee (Outside Director) Charles has a BS degree from Louisiana State University in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Physics and Mathematics.  Chuck started his career as a Distribution Engineer at Mississippi Power & Light Company and within a year he became a Meter Engineer in the Electric Meter Department and later was promoted to the position of Meter Supervisor over Field Testing of Electric Meters.  Chuck then made a career change to the position of District Sales Manager for Duncan / Landis & Gyr Metering.  In 1980 Chuck and his wife, Sue, founded Watthour Engineering Company, Inc. (WECO) where he served as President and CEO until 100% of the stock was sold to Radian Research, Inc.

Corey Rosen   Corey Rosen, Chair of the Corporate Governance Committee (Outside Director) Corey Rosen is the senior staff member and founder of the National Center for Employee Ownership. The NCEO is widely considered to be the authoritative source on broad-based employee ownership plans. He cofounded the NCEO in 1981 after working five years as a professional staff member in the U.S. Senate, where he helped draft legislation on employee ownership plans. He is the author or co-author of over 100 articles and numerous books on employee ownership. He has appeared frequently on CNN, PBS, NPR, MSNBC, and other network programs; and is regularly quoted in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and BusinessWeek. He has lectured on employee ownership on six continents and previously served on the Board of Directors of the Great Place to Work Institute. Corey has a Ph.D. in Political Science from Cornell University.

Sam Newton   Sam Newton, Chair of Audit Committee and Corporate Secretary (Outside Director) Sam has a BS degree from Bradley University in Accounting and a CPA license. Sam brings accounting and business experience to Radian from past positions in corporate auditing, brokerage sales and was a plant manager until becoming President of Lafayette Wire Products. Sam has also served on the Board of Directors for the United Way in the positions of: Treasurer, Executive Committee, Audit and Finance Committee, Community Investment Committee and Community Investment Chair. Moreover, Sam has proven skills in the areas of leadership and patience by coaching youth teams in soccer, baseball, football and basketball.

Tim Everidge   Tim Everidge, Chief Executive Officer and ESOP Benefits Committee Chairman (Inside Director) Tim has over 20 years of experience in the electric utility industry, the Company's main customer base.  Tim has an intimate knowledge of Radian Research, its operations and its market.  Tim has visited customers in nearly 30 countries and has played a key role in defining Radian's new product development path.   Tim's leadership provides a clear vision and direction for the Company as it continues to expand and grow to new levels of success.  Tim has BS and MS degrees from Indiana State University in Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology and he also completed the Executive Integral Leadership program in the College of Business at the University of Notre Dame.

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Radian's Founder

Glenn A. Mayfield
Oct. 7, 1944 - Jan. 17, 2007

Glenn Mayfield was one of the most respected men in the electric utility industry. He was a brilliant scientist, inventor, entrepreneur and master joke teller. Glenn’s lifelong passion and focus was the relentless pursuit of perfection in the area of power and energy measurement. Radian Research, Inc. sprang from Glenn’s imagination, ingenuity, passion and dedication to being the absolute best. Radian went from Glenn’s imagination to becoming one of the most recognized and respected brand names in the electric utility industry. Glenn had 13 design patents in the area of electrical metrology. His genius mindset and determination forged Radian’s identity as The Energy Standard by which all others are compared. The name “Radian” has become synonymous with “Standard” throughout the electric utility industry and Radian is arguably the leading producer of power and energy standards in the world.

Anyone who met Glenn knows he was truly one of a kind. Wherever he went, whoever he met, Glenn Mayfield left an impression. Glenn will be deeply missed and can never be replaced. At the same time, Glenn’s spirit lives on in the loyal, dedicated employees of Radian Research. His vision and determination to be the absolute best is alive and well, echoing through the halls of Radian Research, Inc. Glenn’s desire was for Radian to continue playing a leadership role in test and measurement instrumentation long after he was gone and the employees of Radian Research are dedicated to carrying on Glenn’s legacy in a manner that would make him proud.

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Radian Research Operating Management



Renee Mundell
Business Development Manager -
Customer Value Added Services


Marcus Zickefoose
Regional Sales Manager


Bob Whitmore
Regional Sales Manager


Raeann Miller
Regional Sales Manager


Malcolm Halliday
Regional Sales Manager


Juanita Ribnek
Manager - Human Resources


Carrie Roberts, CPA


Bob McIntyre
Communications Manager


Eddie Walker
Material Control Manager


Bret Birdwell
Group Leader - WECO Meter Testing Solutions


Lea Wren
Chief Engineer - Radian Special Projects


Joel Canine
Manager - Research, Development & Engineering


Mark Billings
Manager - Production


Tom Downam
Director - Quality Assurance



Peter Dack
Vice President - Sales and Marketing

Pete has a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from Norwich City College in the United Kingdom. Pete has extensive experience in the areas of sales, marketing, product management, and production engineering in the field of test and measurement instrumentation. He also has a black belt lean certification in Transactional Process Improvement. Pete is an adventurous traveler visiting numerous countries and six continents conducting business for Radian Research.


Martin Rogers
Vice President – Finance and
Acting GM of WECO Software Solutions

Marty has an A.S. degree in Business Administration and a B.S. degree in Accounting from Rochester Institute of Technology as well as an M.B.A. from St. John Fisher College. Marty has extensive experience in the field of accounting and finance including mergers, acquisitions, and initial public offerings. He is a US Army Veteran and has taught college courses in Corporate Finance. Marty is an avid marathon runner who enjoys the journey and the challenge of completion.


Tim C. Everidge
President and Chief Executive Officer and
Acting Vice President of Research & Development

Tim has BS and MS degrees from Indiana State University in Electronics Engineering Technology and Computer Engineering Technology and he also completed the Executive Integral Leadership program in the College of Business at the University of Notre Dame. Tim has held various positions in development engineering, marketing, and sales while deriving satisfaction from providing solutions that help customers accomplish their objectives. Tim is an advocate of meaningful employee engagement as a key component in meeting and exceeding customer expectations.


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Please contact us - We are here for you and excited to be your solutions partner!

Limited resources or need a solution quickly?
If you need additional information about your project just contact us, we are here to help. We can support you at any level from telephone support, or on-site solutions for a reasonable price. Contact us at or call 765-449-5500. Be assured that we want to be your partner in success!

Customer Support Manager
Renée Mundell
Business Development Manager –
Customer Value Added Services

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Technical Support 765-449-5576
Ryan Roth
Customer Service
Technical Support Specialist

More about Ryan R. >
Ryan Moffitt
Customer Service
Technical Support Specialist

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Ryan Kearns
Customer Service
Technical Support Specialist

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Harold Kennedy
Customer Service
Technical Support Specialist

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Software Support 765-449-5576
Chad Marcum
Software Support Manager
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Jill Goff
Customer Service
Software Support Specialist

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Inside Sales & Service 765-449-5575
Melissa Garcia - Inside Sales
Sales Office Manager
More about Melissa >

Rachel Crone - Customer Service
Customer Service Coordinator
More about Rachel >

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Certification and Accreditation

ISO-9001:2015 Certification

At Radian Research providing quality products and services is a principle company objective. To demonstrate the company's commitment to quality, Radian Research has implemented a quality system and has obtained ISO-9001:2015 by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance Ltd. The ISO-9001:2015 certification indicates that a quality mindset permeates the activities of each department within Radian Research.

Click here to view our ISO-9001:2015 certificate

ISO/IEC-17025:2005 Accreditation

At Radian Research, we are committed to leadership in power and energy measurement solutions. To illustrate Radian’s commitment to offer our customers the best in measurement quality and technical competence our calibration laboratory has achieved accreditation under ISO/IEC-17025:2005 “General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories” while maintaining compliance to ANSI/NCSL Z540-1-1994 and ISO 9001:2008. Calibration of products manufactured and serviced at Radian continues to be traceable to the SI through NIST (National Institute for Standards and Technology).

Click here to view our ISO/IEC-17025:2005 certificate

International Trade Council Qualified
Accredited Service Provider

Radian Research is committed to leadership in power and energy measurement solutions. To illustrate Radian's commitment in offering our customers the best measurement quality, we have achieved accreditation as a Qualified Accredited Service Provider and are included in the Qualified Manufacturers List (QML) of the International Trade Council.

Click here to view our International Trade Council Accreditation

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Careers at Radian Research, Inc.

Radian Research, Inc., an employee owned company, is a world leader in energy measurement instrumentation providing a multitude of electrical metrology products that offer accuracy levels that are arguably the best in the world from private industry. Radian provides an energetic work environment, with an innovative spirit, competitive pay and benefits. Please send your resume to Radian Research, Inc.; 3852 Fortune Drive; Lafayette, IN 47905; Attn: Human Resources. You may also send your resume via E-mail to:

Radian Research is located in Lafayette, Indiana which is positioned approximately 60 miles northwest of Indianapolis, Indiana and approximately 120 miles southeast of Chicago, Illinois. To learn more about the greater Lafayette community please visit the website of:  Below is a list and description of current position openings:

Radian Research, Inc. is proud to state that it is an Equal Employment Opportunity Company. Our efforts to seek and maintain the value of a diverse workforce insures that all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.

  Open positions:

arrow Software Systems Analyst

The Software Systems Analyst will work within the WECO Software Solutions Team at our Pearl, MS facility and will document Product and Project requirements, create System documentation, author and/or modify Help menus and Product instructions, and document internal and Customer-facing processes and procedures. This position requires a minimum of Associates degree in any one of the following fields: software engineering, computer science, computer engineering, or similarly related field. The position requires two to three years' experience as a System Analyst with Technical Writing capability and one or two years' electric utility related experience.

arrow Software Engineer

Position Summary:
This vital role is responsible for participating in the design and development of embedded and user interface software architecture within the Radian Research product line, which includes Energy Reference Standards, Energy Meter Testing Systems, Current Transformer Testers, DC to AC Transfer Standards, and Automated Laboratory Energy Reference Systems. The successful candidate will be responsible for completing tasks in Radian's new product development process from initial concepts through production release. They will also provide ideas for future product enhancements and support to existing products. The person holding this position will be a key contributor to multiple projects and will have the opportunity to work directly with Radian's Customers.

- Participate in the design/ development of features for new and existing products
- Maintain, upgrade, and enhance production software
- Participate in requirements development
- Perform the work necessary to resolve complex issues within existing
  products and new designs
- Test, verify and document product software functionality
- Integrate software with hardware in teamwork with circuit designers
- Help advance software development tools, technology, and processes
- Generate software development plans, progress reports, and meet schedule goals
- Continuing support of existing products

- BS in Computer Science (CS) or Electrical Engineering (EE)

- Prefer experience in embedded system software design
  Prefer experience with Signal processing, FFT, domain analysis

Knowledge of:
- Software application development in C++ (C# a plus)
- Linux embedded software applications in C++
- Requirements analysis, system architecture, object-oriented analysis/design

Desirable Qualifications:
- Experience with Signal processing, FFT, domain analysis
- Strong Mathematics background
- User interface application development in C# (WPF)
- Test and Measurement background
- Experience in hardware/software interfacing and design issues
- Experience working with digital hardware and ability to understand schematics


Inside Sales Support Coordinator

Position Summary:
Position reports to the Business Development Manager – Customer Value Added Services. The position is to coordinate the overall Sales and Marketing daily operations, in regard to, reviewing, entering, and processing Purchase Orders; calculating commission; responding to Customer contacts; pricelists, quotes & bids; facilitating order schedules and shipments; creating and maintaining Representative Agreements; following-up with and providing general assistance to Sales and Marketing staff; back up Customer Service Coordinator; and general clerical and office responsibilities.

This role requires that this person communicate verbally and/or in writing with internal and external Customers, to be on-call during the working day to answer Customer inquiries while delivering outstanding service with a friendly, positive attitude. The role requires progressing domestic and international receivables to ensure payments are made in compliance with Radian’s Terms and Conditions and Representative Agreements.

The Inside Sales Support Coordinator is responsible for contract reviews including progress of Purchase Order Contracts, Letters of Credit, down payments and that Radian remains in compliance with import/export regulations.

The Inside Sales Support Coordinator is responsible for maintaining a range of domestic and international Price Lists and up-to-date records in the company’s CRM (Sales Force) & MRP system (Navision).

- Review, enter, and process purchase orders
- Responding to customer contacts
- International quoting under the guidance of the VP of Sales & Marketing
- Act as backup and support to the Customer Service Coordinator as needed
- Calculate commissions for Radian’s sales representatives
- Create and maintain representative agreements
- Facilitate order schedules and shipments. Ensuring order processing and shipments are
  in compliance with letters of credit, exportation, country embargoed goods, etc.
- Perform research and analysis when required
- Facilitate and participate in continuous improvement Kaizens
- Utilize Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools to extract data to manage the day
  to day inbound and outbound communications to and from Customers and Representatives
- Other duties as required

Desirable Qualifications:
A.S. degree in Office Management or Administrative Assistant from an accredited college or university or similar work experience.

Knowledge of:
Spreadsheets, databases, general computer skills, record keeping, bookkeeping, Windows, Word, Excel, Internet, Email and Windows-based/Cloud-based CRM tools, i.e. Salesforce. Understanding of Export compliance is desirable.

Self-motivation and organization; clear, concise, and professional verbal and written communication; strong attention to detail; performing necessary documentation and maintenance of Sales and Marketing spreadsheets & reports.


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Radian Research, Inc.

Lafayette Indiana Facility (Headquarters)
3852 Fortune Drive
Lafayette, Indiana 47905 USA

Radian Research world wide headquarters is located in a 40,000 square feet custom-built building in Lafayette, Indiana USA. The city of Lafayette is located approximately 60 miles northwest of Indianapolis, Indiana and approximately 120 miles southeast of Chicago, Illinois.

Pearl Mississippi Facility
333 Crosspark Drive
Pearl, Mississippi 39208 USA

Our Pearl facility is a 25,000 square feet building conveniently located ten minutes southeast of the Jackson-Evers International Airport in central Mississippi.

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