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Radian Care Plans

When you register your new Radian product you will automatically become enrolled in our Blue Care Plan. This program covers the Radian product under an unlimited two year warranty and provides access to on-site training and our periodic training seminars. At any time, you may upgrade this coverage to one of our Silver, Gold, or Platinum Care Plans. These plans provide additional coverage and protection, comprehensive recalibration, recertification packages and training discounts.


Standards Recertification

Upgrade and Repair of Radian Standards

Radian standards have been the reference standards in North America since the company was founded in 1982. There is no better alternative for services on your Radian standards than going directly to the source. No other laboratory in the world knows more about your Radian standard and can assure that its performance is optimized. Radian will not settle for anything less. Radian standards are tested at voltage, current and phase angle combinations across their entire operating range. Calibration adjustments are made to optimize measurement accuracy at every operating condition.

Non-Radian Energy Standards

Recertification services are available for any AC energy reference standard. These recertification services do not encompass any adjustments of calibration or repairs. Recertify at cardinal test points only or across the entire operating range of the standard. Custom test point options allow you to select exactly what points you want certified. Temperature testing is also offered for an additional charge. Certifiable functions include Wh, VARh, VAh, mAh, mVh, amps squared hours and volts squared hours.

Other AC Measurement Instruments

Radian can test and certify other AC measurement instruments. These instruments are tested using a state of the art AC metrology system with worst case measurement accuracy of +/-0.01% on all of the following instruments:

AC Voltmeters - 60 VAC to 600 VAC (lower AC voltages available at slightly lower accuracy)
AC Ammeters - 0.2 amps to 200 amps (lower AC currents available at slightly lower accuracy)
AC Wattmeters - At any combination of above voltage and current points
Phase Angle Meters - Any phase angle from 0 to 360 degrees, or -180 to +180 degrees

Remote Accuracy Certification

Radian now offers the same benefits of a NIST traceable accuracy certification to those customers unable to send their standard in. Remote Accuracy Certifications entail sending a certified Radian transfer standard to the customer for a designated period of time. This transfer standard comes with a complete NIST traceable certificate of calibration at test points across its entire operating range. This standard is then used to certify "other" reference standard(s). This service is ideally suited to those customers having test boards with reference standards that are either integrated or not easily removed. Most modern test boards have software built in to facilitate testing against an external reference. Multifunction standards are available so that the voltage, current, frequency and phase angle outputs of the test board can also be tested and certified. As an option, an as left test sheet on the transfer reference standard can be run and sent to the customer upon its return to Radian. By comparing the original test results with the as-left data, the user can be assured that the transfer standard's accuracy did not shift as a result of shipment. For older test boards, additional accessories are available to help facilitate the testing manually.


Revenue Meter Analysis

Radian can provide detailed analysis of revenue billing meters. Note that this service is not geared toward high volume meter testing, but is instead focused on the type of testing and analysis generally done for evaluation of a particular meter type or design. Sensitivity analysis can be performed on any number of measurement variables including voltage, current, phase angle, fundamental frequency, temperature, and harmonic content. Pre-set testing schemes are available or you can specify a customized testing regimen. This service is a very cost effective way to thoroughly evaluate the many new revenue meters that come on to the market today.

Specialized Testing

Radian maintains a full service, state of the art standards and metrology laboratory. Radian's laboratory has well over one million dollars worth of test and calibration equipment and is fully staffed with experienced, knowledgeable test engineers and technicians. Along with the above detailed testing services, Radian can offer specialized testing services to satisfy your unique testing needs. Whatever your testing needs call for, please contact Radian's Technical Marketing Staff and allow us to provide you with a proposal. In the unlikely event that Radian cannot provide the testing you require, you will be given a referral to another source that can. Please allow Radian Research, Inc. to be your one stop solution for all your testing and calibration needs.


Harmonic Waveform Analyzer Testing

Radian's calibration laboratory has the ability to source arbitrary voltage and current waveforms with harmonic components from the 2nd to the 23rd harmonic in any combination. Waveforms of up to 40% total harmonic distortion (THD) can be very accurately generated and used to test the accuracy of harmonic waveform analyzers used in power quality applications. Radian's harmonics testing capabilities exceed that of most original equipment manufacturers providing these type of devices. Radian offers the ability to test these devices both at pure sinusoidal waveforms along with providing test data on actual distorted voltage and current waveforms. Accuracy of the harmonics measurement of these types of devices has historically been accepted from the manufacturer without question. There is now a way to actually test this accuracy.


Maintenance and Upgrades (Radian Standards Only)

Various upgrades are available to bring older vintage standards up to modern day specifications and functionality. Full service repair and maintenance facilities assure that your investment will be protected for many years. Extended warranty and multi-year recertification packages are available to provide comprehensive coverage for the definitive reference standard.


Equipment Rental

Radian offers a variety of rental equipment to help meet your short term testing and calibration needs. Available equipment includes laboratory standards. All equipment comes with operations manuals, NIST traceable certification data and carrying cases. Technical support and guidance can be provided by our friendly and knowledgeable product support staff. Flexible rental terms can accommodate any schedule. Rent for one day, one week, or one month. Whatever your needs are Radian equipment rental has your solution.


Application and Maintenance Training

The best way to get the most out of your Radian standards and test systems is to have your lab and field technicians receive training from Radian. Training can be tailored to your specific needs. Subjects can focus on every aspect of reference standard ownership including product theory, testing applications, routine maintenance and calibration. Training is best facilitated at Radian headquarters. Group discounts are available but group sizes are limited to ensure personal attention to all participants. On-site training at customer location is also available upon request. Radian provides qualified instructors, all needed equipment and course materials. Contact Radian Technical Marketing staff for pricing and scheduling of your training program.


Service Contracts

Radian offers an array of extended service and support contracts. These contracts are designed to give a customer flexibility to choose the level of coverage desired. They are also designed to save a customer significant money on annual accuracy recertification costs. For details on all available service contracts please view the appropriate bulletin below. Bulletins are in PDF format.

RS-600 Syntron Laboratory System Service Contracts

RS-703A Syntron Laboratory Calibration System Service Contracts




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