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Electric Utility Meter Schools, Workshops, Events, Conferences and Trade Shows

Radian Research is pleased to provide the following list of Events, upcoming Meter Schools, Conferences
and Trade Shows as a convenience to our customers. Meter Schools, Conferences and Trade Shows are
a good way to increase industry knowledge and see the latest Radian products and services.

If you would like more information or have a question about an upcoming Meter School, Workshop or Conference that Radian is attending, please contact us.

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Meter Schools, Workshops and Conferences

Come see us at...

The Radian 2018 Electric Energy Metrology Workshop was a success!
See the Photos

Minnesota Electric Meter School
9/17-19/2018 - Roseville, MN
More Info

EEI Fall 2018
9/30-10/3/2018 - Indian Wells, CA
More Info

New WATT-Net Software Updates
Released on 07/27/2018:

WATT-Net Express Update (v2.11)
Winboard Embedded (v9.55)
API (v2.5.0.13)
- Added Features
- Enhanced Functionality
- Improved Performance
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New from Radian Research!

The Radian Community Forum
Interact and learn from your fellow power and energy professionals, as well as the Radian experts!
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New from Radian Research!

Introducing the new WECO -300 Desktop Meter Test Station.

The WECO-300 is a portable ‘office based’ solution to power meters for functional testing.

Advanced Features at an Affordable Price!
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New White Paper...
Smart Street Lighting

Electricity Utilities are finding the need to adapt their existing testing solutions to accommodate the new Street Light Modules. Radian is monitoring the advances in Smart Street Lighting and developing solutions to meet the measurement requirements of this emerging technology. Read More

Radian receives ISO/IEC-17025:2005 Accreditation

At Radian Research, we are committed to leadership in power and energy measurement solutions. To illustrate Radian’s commitment to offer our customers the best in measurement quality and technical competence our calibration laboratory has achieved accreditation under ISO/IEC-17025:2005 “General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories” while maintaining compliance to ANSI/NCSL Z540-1-1994 and ISO 9001:2008. Calibration of products manufactured and serviced at Radian continues to be traceable to the SI through NIST (National Institute for Standards and Technology).

Kansas City Power & Light has deployed WATT-Net Plus

Kansas City Power & Light (Great Plains Energy Services) located in Kansas City Missouri has entered into a contract with Watthour Engineering (WECO) a Radian Research company in Pearl Mississippi and strategic alliance partner AMSLLC to install and deploy WATT-Net Plus™.

WATT-Net Plus™ is an asset-management software platform using the AMSLLC "Listener™" web services application enabling features of the WATT-Net Plus Bridge™ designed to integrate what a utility needs today for problem-solving and future needs and requirements upon their schedule and resources building the future.

City of Concord signs contract to implement WATT-Net Plus

The City of Concord located in North Carolina has signed a WATT-Net Plus™ software contract with Watthour Engineering (WECO) a Radian Research company and strategic alliance partner AMSLLC. The City of Concord has also ordered the next-generation 4xxx series test boards providing Dynamic Sequencing™, Harmonic testing and AMI/SmartGrid validations and many other features.

WATT-Net and iVUE® Systems Combine to Boost Customer Service, Efficiency for Members

National Information Solutions Cooperative (NISC), a leading provider of IT and software solutions to utility and telecommunications organizations, has partnered with Trico Electric Cooperative (TRICO) in Marana, AZ and Watthour Engineering (WECO), a Radian Research company, to deliver meter test records in a real-time environment.
Using WECO's WATT-Net Express™ software to receive test results, meter test data can be transmitted quickly and seamlessly into NISC's iVUE® Customer Care and Billing (CC&B) through a real-time interface using MultiSpeak™ web services. Test results are immediately available to customer service and operational users of the iVUE CC&B solution to resolve billing issues and manage regulatory test requirements. WATT-Net Plus & Express™ are the prime choice in meter asset management software solutions for electric utilities.

WATT-Net Plus™ Third-Party Developer Announcement

Watthour Engineering announces the release of their WATT-Net Plus™ Third-Party Developer Program supporting WECO meter shop test equipment. The program offers a variety of options providing the proper integration connectivity with third-party software vendors independently selected by utilities.

The Developer Program Requires:
- Developer Training and Support
- Factory (WECO) Qualification / Validation
- DLL Registration / License / Maintenance
- Security

Please contact us directly or have your vendor of choice contact us for their third-party information package and pricing materials.

Alliance with Software Integration Partner AMSLLC

WECO and AMSLLC announce an upgrade to their previous Integration Services Agreement to a Strategic Alliance Agreement (SAA). The SAA addresses the future development of Sales & Marketing for WECO's WATT-Net Plus™ (WNP) and AMCLLC's Listener Product lines. The two companies plan to jointly develop their technology to further expanding functionality for electric utility AMI device management systems to include Shop and Mobile Applications, connecting all RADIAN WECO test equipment. The newly formed Alliance will also extend its offering to Gas and Water Utilities leveraging AMSLLC's legacy knowledge of these business processes.

"We are pleased to be aligned with AMSLLC and the industry knowledge they bring to WECO will advance our software product portfolio," says Tim Everidge, President and CEO of RADIAN WECO. "I have known Eddie Patton since he was President of "Automated Micro Systems" in the late 1990s when the AMS2000 Meter Records System was the leading product. We have seen the value of Eddie's knowledge and experience as our team prepared for the release of WATT-Net Plus™. Our customers can expect to see an increased focus on new software development over the next months and coming years as a result of this Software Alliance."




National Academy of Forensic Engineers 2018 Winter Conference
1/12-14/2018 - Phoenix, AZ
More Info

MEUW/WI REC Joint Superintendent's Conference & Tradeshow
1/17-19/2018 - Wisconsin Dells, WI
More Info

Electricity, Distribution, Information Systems and Technology (EDIST) 2018 Conference & Exhibition
1/17-19/2018 - Markham, ON, Canada
More Info

1/21-25/2018 - San Antonio, TX
More Info



Annual Nebraska Meter Conference
2/6-7/2018 - Kearney, NE
More Info

Upper Midwest Metering Association (UMMA)
2/7-9/2018 - Welch, MN
More Info

2/25-28/2018 - Nashville, TN
More Info


Energy Council of New England
3/7-8/2018 - Warwick, RI
More Info

3/10-14/2018 - India Expo Mart, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh - India
Come see us at: Hall 3A, booth C7
More Info

RMEMA Rocky Mountain Electric Metering
3/12-15/2018 - Fort Collins, CO
More Info

Job Training & Safety Metering School
3/13-15/2018 - Somerset, PA
More Info

MMUA Meter School Minnesota Municipal Utilities
3/13-16/2018 - Marshall, OK
More Info

Oklahoma Meter School AMI
3/21-23/2018 - Oklahoma City, OK
More Info

Irby Workshop
3/22/2018 - Orlando, FL
More Info

Southeastern Meter School
3/19-22/2018 - Auburn, AL
More Info

MEUW JT&S Watt-Hour Meter Workshop
3/2018 - TBD
More Info

TEC Annual Loss Control Conference
3/2018 - Austin, TX
More Info

GRESCO Georgia Expo
3/29/2018 - Forsyth, GA
More Info

MEUW Watt-Hour Meter Workshop
TBD - East Syracuse, NY
More Info

North Dakota Electric Utility Workshop
TBD 2018 - ND
More Info


EEI Spring 2018
4/8-11/2018 - Jacksonville, FL
More Info

Heartland Meterman's Conference
4/3-5/2018 - Wichita, KS
More Info

NWPPA Engineering & Operations Conference and Trade Show
4/10-12/2018 - Tocoma, WA
More Info

Landis & Gyr Exchange 2018
4/30-5/3/2018 - Minneapolis, MN
More Info

Utility Purchasing & Materials Management Conference (TVPPA)
4/18-20/2018 - Gatlinburg, TN
More Info

Indiana Electric Cooperatives S & E Conference
4/2018 - Indianapolis, IN
More Info

APPA Engineering & Operations Technical Conference
4/29-5/2/2018 - Raliegh, NC
More Info

MESO Public Power Conference
4/22-24/2018 - Oklahoma City, OK
More Info


NEPPA Engineering & Operations Conference and Expo
5/2-3/2018 - Worcester, MA
More Info

Mid South Electric Metering Association
5/7-11/2018 - Murfreesboro, TN
More Info

MEA Electric Operations Technical & Leadership Summit
5/9-11/2018 - Springfield, IL
More Info

AclaraConnect 2018
5/14-17/2018 - San Diego, CA
More Info

Aclara Meter School
5/21-25/2018 - Somersworth, NH
More Info

Radian Research 2018 Electric Energy Metrology Workshop
5/22-23/2018 - Lafayette, IN
More Info

EDA Upper Canada District Metering Technologies Conference
5/23-24/2018 - Kingston, Ontorio
More Info


SWEMA Spring Meeting
6/4-7/2018 - Shreveport, LA
More Info

APPA National Conference &
Public Power Expo

6/15-20/2018 - New Oleans, LA
More Info

North Carolina Meter School
6/24-28/2018 - Myrtle Beach, SC
More Info

S.E.E. Engineering & Operation Conference & Trade Show
6/27-29/2018 - Orlando, FL
More Info

Asian Utility Week
6/24-25/2018 - Bangkok, Thailand
More Info


7/8-13/2018 - Paris, France
More Info

Carilec - Caribbean
7/22-26/2018 - Trinidad
More Info


GLEMS Great Lakes Meter School
8/12-16/2018 - Grand Rapids, MI
More Info

NCSLi Conference
8/25-27/2018 - Portland, OR
More Info

Northwest Electric Meter School
8/20-24/2018 - Seattle, WA
More Info


Minnesota Electric Meter School
9/17-19/2018 - Roseville, MN
More Info

EEI Fall 2018
9/30-10/3/2018 - Indian Wells, CA
More Info


Arkansas Meter School
10/1-4/2018 - Fayetteville,AR
More Info

Oklahoma Superintendent Meeting
10/7/2018 - Oklahoma City, OK
More Info

Mississippi Meter School
10/9-11/2018 - Starkville, MS
More Info

SWEMA Meter School
10/24-26/2018 - Bryan, TX
More Info

Fall ECNE Energy Council of New England
10/29 - 11/1- 2018, Schenectady, NY
More Info


11/6-8/2018 - Orlando FL
More Info

11/6-8/2018 - Sacromento, CA
More Info


Indiana Electric Cooperatives Annual Meeting
TBD - 2018 - Indianapolis, IN
More Info


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