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WATT-Net Basic Software Overview

WNB Video

Tightening the Optics Arm on the RB-MECH, used with the Bantam Plus
Using the RB-MECH with the Bantam Plus
Making Measurements and Performing Burden Tests with the Tx Auditor
Admittance Testing with the Tx Auditor
CT Ratio and Burden Testing with the Tx Auditor
Generating a Report with the Tx Auditor
Performing a Site Audit using the Tx Auditor
Mechanical Meter Testing using the Bantam Plus
Field testing a transformer rated meter via the RB-MTA test switch using the Radian Research Bantam Plus
Bantam Plus - 9s Meter Test
Bantam Plus - Standards Compare
RD Current Connector Locking Mechanism
Typical Meter Test Integrated Comparator Function in a Dytronic Standard
Converting Older Field Test Kit for use with a Dytronic Standard
RM-17 Portable Test System Training

The following videos will guide you through the setup and operation of the WE-20 Portable Tester/Analyzer.


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Smart Street Lighting is an Efficient Solution

Impact of Harmonic Current on Energy Meter Calibration

Optimized Transformer Calibration


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