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OPTOCOM™: With this optional interface you can test and program meters without changing heads. Just clamp the head on for testing and forget worrying about aligning optics or detecting creep holes. When the test is complete you can program the meter without replacing heads. The OPTOCOM™ option
takes the error and effort out of meter testing.

Turbo Test™: WECO has worked hand-in-hand with the industry’s leading meter manufacturers to bring you Turbo Test™ technology. Slash the amount of time it takes to test a supported meter on either WECO’s 2300 or 2350 three-phase testboards to nearly one-fifth of regular testing time. Convenient software wizards make setting up and running a Turbo Test as easy as it is fast. Save your shop valuable time and money with WECO’s Turbo Test option.

Barcode Scanner

Barcode Scanner: Attach an optional barcode scanner and printer to your testboard to cut meter processing and data entry time. Scan AEP barcodes on meters with a wave of the barcode scanner to automate the data entry process, or print custom barcodes to automate customer information entry during testing. Either way the optional barcode scanner and printer will save your shop time and money.

Transformer Rated Meter and CT Lab Test Adapters for use with WECO 4330 and 4150 Test Boards

Single Phase A-Base Adapter

Poly Phase A-Base Adapter

Zebra ZM400 Bar Code Printer

Zebra Bar Code Printer Software

M4330 Standards Compare Adapter, External RD-3x-xx2, Kit (Recommended for true three phase testing up to 150 amps. Requires external RD-3X-XX2 or RD-3X-XX4 standard. Above 150 amps, we can only perform single phase one element testing.)

225 Amp Standards Compare Kit for RD Standards SCA-3-RD-Kit (Not preferred, but acceptable. Requires RD-2X. This standards compare can only test one element at a time.

SCA-4, Socket to Panel Meter Adapter

IEC to Socket Adapter, Universal (requires modification to front panel of test board)

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