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  RW-30, RW-31 Portable Three-Phase Meter Site Analyzer
WATT-Net Express


Organize Test Results

Communicate over the local area network to transmit meter test data and other user specified information to a central PC. Individual meter records may then be retrieved and organized for quick report generation. WATT-Net™ gives the user convenient storage, access, and the ability to download test information from a central PC.


WATT-Net™ is the proprietary data gathering system for today's production oriented meter shop. Specifically, WATT- Net™ is a Windows™ software package used for data viewing, importing/exporting, and reporting.

WATT-Net™ software is installed on a PC (Windows™ compatible) and configured according to the needs of the meter shop and the types of “test stations” or test equipment.

Technical Data

• TCP/IP communications for transmitting/receiving data from remote locations
• Fully automated importing and exporting to any number of different formats
• A scheduler for automating data exports for upload to utility mainframe
• Data Base Records Customized for each Utility Customer
• Exporting data that can easily be imported into Commercial Data Bases and Spreadsheets
• On-Line User Help for Valid Field Data Entry and Program Operation
• Full Field Validation for Meter Records - User Editable
• User Selectable Weighted Average Formulas - Auto Calculated
• Record Search based on Company Number, Serial Number…
• Powerful Multifunction Report Generator

Available Reports Include:
• Meter Counts
• Statistics - BarX and Sigma for Full Load, Light Load, Power Factor and Weighted Average,
  Upper and Lower Quality Limits, Accuracy Graphs
• Meter Listings - Any Number of User Customizable Formats
• Reports sent to Screen, Printer, and/or File
• Multiple Filter Parameters for all Report Types

Special Printing Functions:
• On-The-Fly Weighted Average Calculationv • Setup Save and Retrieve
  Function for Often Used Reports (Unlimited Number)
• Manual Record Entry with Full Validation
• Multiple Printer Support

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