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  RW-30, RW-31 Portable Three-Phase Meter Site Analyzer


WATT-Net Plus SoftwareIntroducing WATT-Net Plus™ (WNP) — the premier asset and smart grid device management database software solution for electric and gas utilities. WATT-Net Plus is an innovative, industry-targeted solution with a unique testing approach that is full featured and highly configurable to meet your business process requirements.

WATT-Net Plus is the most comprehensive device management software package available that offers powerful functionality and ease of use, specifically designed for the metering industry. WATT-Net Plus is the evolution of the WECO industry de facto standard, WATT-Net™ — shop automation and data management software.  Building on the WATT-Net legacy of over 900 customers worldwide, WATT-Net Plus expands the software to an enterprise level with additional advanced features and capabilities.

With the demands of AMI, customer requirements for more real-time data and enterprise connectivity increased dramatically.  To answer this growing need, WNP uses the AMSLLC Listener™, the newest in enterprise integration technology, to manage all data flow to and from the WNP System, freeing WNP to do what it does best — manage the meter operation process.

WATT-Net Plus Core Features Include:

  • A Broad Range of Utility Devices - Electric Meters (KWH, KW), Reference Standards, Current Transformers, Potential Transformers, and Testboards.
  • Support of AMI Configuration Test Points - AMI Impedance Testing, AMI Configuration Testing, KWH Automated Testing, KW Automated Testing, KW/Runtime Gangboard Automation, Current Transformer Testing, Potential Transformer Testing
  • Security - Roles Based Security, Windows Authentication, LDAP Support
  • Administration - Purchase Order Tracking, Contractor and Manufacturer Test Data Import, Tamper Case Documentation, Sticky Notes, Test Cards, and more.
  • Reporting - Device Listing, Counts,  and Statistics
  • AMI and Smart Grid Support - AMR/AMI Module Traceability, Software, Firmware, and Program ID Traceability
  • New Device Management
  • New Device Sample Management
  • Sample/Periodic Test Management, Testing and Reports, Device Configuration, and Site Premise Management
  • Equipment Editors
  • Equipment Tracking
  • Audit and Certification Traceablility
  • Programmable State Tracking
  • Business Rules Engine - Meter Test Processing

WATT-Net Plus Bridge:

AMS Listener LogoMany meter shop system suppliers struggle with the ongoing advances in test equipment and how best to add the latest test technology to their existing software. WECO provides a solution to this problem with the WNP Test Platform Bridge.  Using the AMSLLC Listener engine any software supplier can easily integrate the WECO and Radian family of test equipment products to their existing meter records platform.

In addition to the WNP Test Platform Bridge, WECO provides support for 3rd Party software vendors that prefer to have direct control over the latest Radian WECO high performance test equipment.  Because of the complexity of the extensive AMI test functions supported in the 4000 series, conventional integration technology is not enough.  WECO now provides a feature rich Dynamic Link Library (DLL) with full control over our most advanced test functionality for software developers.

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