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Test Stations

Model 209 Product Information

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Combine this universal test station to our Model 441 Calibrator and get a full function test and calibration system that's small enough to be mounted in a service van and provide meter shop testing accuracy. Controlled via an RS-232 communication port on the host computer of the Model 441, the 209 provides complete voltage and current routing. Automatic socket that allows for testing S-Base meters and A base meters with purchase of 204 A base adapter.

RS-770 Meter Adapter

• Test Socket Based Meters
• Open Link Testing
• Singlephase and Polyphase

The RS-770 Meter Adapter enables the testing of ANSI style socket based revenue meter using an RS-600 or RS-703A Laboratory Calibration System. The RS-770 support singlephase and polyphase laboratory system configurations. Meters must be tested with open potential links using the RS-770r.


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