Radian Research Hires New
Director of Culture and Growth

RADIAN Kristin Stapleton

Radian Research is thrilled to announce that Kristin Stapleton has joined the team as  Director of Culture and Growth. Kristin is a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBCHWC) and certified professional Wellcoach. She brings extensive experience in leadership development and personal coaching. Kristin will guide RADIAN through change and growth while fostering a positive and fulfilling work environment.

“The focus of RADIAN is our customer and the heart of RADIAN is our team. I believe it is critical that we provide a work culture that supports our employees at doing their best. I want our employees to enjoy their work at RADIAN and to know that their contributions matter to our success,” said Tim Everidge, President and CEO of Radian Research. “Kristin will be our culture champion ensuring we have a work environment that is engaging, participative and suitable for growth where our employees can thrive as they take care of our customers.”

Prior to joining RADIAN, Kristin had helped over one thousand leaders in both public and private sectors build high-performing teams and create unique cohesive cultures. Her understanding of human behavior empowered organizations to identify and work through factors underlying resistance to change at the individual level.

“I appreciate this inspiring opportunity and I am excited to be part of the RADIAN team where commitment to excellence is prevalent,” said Kristin. “I believe in a workplace that supports and cheers on the best in people, one focused on growth and abundance. I feel this is especially important as we continue to experience change at increasing speed, and businesses must learn how to grow and adapt.”

About Radian Research
Radian Research, Inc. is the world leader that provides Electric Energy Measurement Instruments, Systems, Software and Services to the Electric Utility, Meter Manufacturer and Metrology Institute for Engineering, Laboratory, Shop and Site applications. RADIAN Energy Reference Standards are respected worldwide for their legendary accuracy, precision and stability. Similarly, WECO Electric Meter Test Boards have set the standard at electric utility meter shops and meter manufacturers. WECO Software Solutions complete the RADIAN offering to Electric Utilities. WATT-Net™ Meter Test Data and Asset Management Software provides versatile out of the box solutions easily configurable to utilities of any size or type.  WECO became a part of Radian Research in 2011.

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