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WATT-Net Software is the premier asset and smart grid device management database software solution for electric and gas utilities, comprising four tiers. WATT-Net Basic is complimentary with every WECO test board and provides utilities the essentials in meter testing control and management. WATT-Net Express is a powerful and cost-effective solution for meter test data management. WATT-Net Limited and WATT-Net Plus feature full lifecyle management of all metering assets fitting the needs of utilities both large and small. WATT-Net Limited provides out-of-the-box, ready-to-implement solutions; WATT-Net allows for advanced custom configuration and customization. The following compares features of the four tiers of WATT-Net software. 

WATT-Net Software Feature Comparison

Manual Export of Test Data - Extract test data and export it to Excel®* or any other format to be used for analysis or to be imported into another program.

Powerful Custom Reports - Aggregate and query test data to view it in a manner suited to shop needs. Use it to drive goals and measure performance.

Dynamic Sequencing - Setup and perform a template of custom automated tests (Standard & Functional) to be applied based on Meter Model and test type.

Barcode Scanning and Printing - Reduce the time it takes to find a record and eliminate user error in data entry when processing or testing a meter. Print new or replacement barcode labels.

New Meter Support - Stay up to date with developing technology and test new meter types as they hit the market.

CTs, PTs, Transducers, and Standards - Track test data from current transformers, potential transformers, track standards data records, and track entire set up of a customer’s site.

Manual Site Administration - Manage the sites of your most valuable customers, tracking a comprehensive list of all devices on site. Maintain historical snapshots including multimedia such as pictures, wiring diagrams, and GPS locations.

Shop Administration - Track a comprehensive list of devices including performance data.

Field Data Upload - All field testing data can be synchronized to one master database.

Harmonics Testing - Generate real world voltage and current harmonic loads (Series 4000 only). Preloaded with ANSI, NRC, and OIML samples.

Advanced Query Save and Recall - Complex query capabilities on all editing windows, with save and recall functions.

RM17 Test Result Import - Field test data import by direct connection with RM17 test units.

Two-way Field and Shop Data Synchronization - Upload data from field equipment. Push new data such as site and circuit details from your centralized database back to your field equipment.

(RADIAN WECO Equipment only) Power Quality Capture - Assess an overall output of a site’s efficiency for historical tracking and/or troubleshooting.

Site Wiring/Multiplier Verification - Measure and track snapshots of each site in order to manage modifications and maintain optimum service, as well as accuracy levels.

Configurable Manufacturer File Import - Simplify the process of importing new meter shipment information by creating a file import structure to fit each meter manufacturer information.

Energy Reading Sets with Validation - Support for reading prompt and capture for all units of measure, by defining sets of valid readings. Includes optional validation of format and required entries.

WECO Legacy Data Conversion
- Retain all your legacy data from your previous versions of WATT-Net by having it converted for use with your new software solution. 

WATT-Net Express has all the features of WATT-Net Basic and includes the following: 
_ _ _ _ _ _ _

AMI Device Installation History - Full history of meter and AMI/AMR device associations.

Manual Test Entry - Full featured test data entry for field tests and non-interfaced test equipment.

Management Dashboard - Real time display of meter shop activity including device/status counts, in-service progress, test accuracy analysis, and interfaced systems transactions.

Obsolete Device Tracking
- Obsolete device identification and warning/prevention integrated into utility work processes and business rules.

Security Roles and Access Control - Utility configurable access and edit rights using role mechanisms. Additional rights can be assigned on a user by user basis.

Photo/Document Store and Recall - Photo and document management associated with individual devices, metering sites, or standalone.

Firmware and Program ID Version Tracking - Capture and tracking of firmware and program ID changes, with options to record Head End updates.

Unlimited Equipment Sync - Automatically integrate data into your shop system from all (RADIAN or WECO) field devices which have data output. (RADIAN WECO Equipment only)
Centralized Database - Contain and manage your data in a centralized database allowing for optimum storage, redundancy, and ease of administration.

Proxy Sync (Inter-node Sync) - Leverage offline capability to download data from field equipment into a local database and synchronize it to centralized database when back online.

Dataview Configuration - Customize the view of the data to fit the needs of your business.

Reference Standard Calibration Test Scheduling - Reference Standard device installations and certification management, including enforced calibration schedules.
Popup Comments - Free form notation for devices with visual alerts.

NISC Integration - Easily integrate meter testing data into iVue in order to make it available for use with NISC’s offering.  

WATT-Net Limited has all the features of WATT-Net Basic and WATT-Net Express. WATT-Net Limited also includes the following:
_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Workstation Alerts - Visible and audible alerts at all workstations for specific conditions which impact work processes and decision making.

Enterprise Integration - Maximize the power of our asset management solution by integrating with your utility’s other corporate systems.

Advanced Reporting Filters - Apply powerful and intuitive filters to customize reports fitting specific parameters. Save report templates and automatically run and distribute them.

Shop Transformer Test Board Interfaces
- Test data capture from Knopp, MultiAmp, and Omicron test boards.

Purged Device Archive - In-database archive of purged devices and deleted device tests.

Automated Site Administration - Full history of metering device installation and removal.

Multiple AMI Device Support - Meter/AMI associations for up to ten AMI/Communications (identical or not) devices per meter.

RS933 Test Result Import - Certification test import and storage for Radian sourced calibrations.

Integrated ANSI/MILSPEC Sampling and Reporting - Full support for ANSI and MILSPEC sample generation and pass/fail analysis reports for new device acceptance and in-service sample testing.

Red Tag - Customer configurable formatted notation including work process integration and enforcement.

Issued Device Tracking and Inventory - Capture and logging of vehicle and receiver identity at the point of device issue, with options to integrate vehicles into process workflow as “mobile warehouses”.

All Features below are Optional
_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Removal Reading Verification - Test board verification of device removal readings against test readings.

Field Standard and Instrument Tracking - Field standard deployment tracking with certification storage and scheduling.

Device Repair Tracking - Device repair requests and completions with full integration into utility work processes.

Performance Tracking and Reporting - Workstation throughput data capture and analysis.

Advanced Pallet Building and Transfer - Multiple methods of pallet content management including bulk transfer between container systems.

Evidence Locker Hold Enforcement - Enforced hold locations and times, fully integrated into utility work processes and business rules.

Install Hold - Controlled management of device processing during removal paperwork “catch up”, including configurable hold points.

Company Number Reservation - Tracking of assigned device identification numbers against assigned manufacturers.

Meter Failure/Performance Reports - Frequency analysis of testing reasons and defects found grouped by device types.

Mass Retirement File Import - Retirement data import for mass replacements or third part testing.

Missing Device Support - Missing device data capture and isolation with found device process reentry.

Field Assistant - Leverage the power of mobile technology using tablets/phones to integrate with RADIAN and WECO field equipment, providing real-time data to field technicians.

Shop Assistant - Leverage the power of mobile technology using tablets or wireless scanners to manage and report on meter related inventory.

Device Analytics Management (DAM) - Harness all the meter asset management data gathered by your utility for analysis, resulting in sound business decisions.

First Article Verification - Utilize the simplicity of our solution to verify First Article device configurations through an automated test process specific to each AMI technology.

No Meter Left Behind - Targeted extended in-service testing of high dollar meter installations.

Sample Testing Oversamples and Alternates - Methods to select, monitor, and apply extra samples during on-service testing.

Failed In-Service Lot Tracking - Full tracking of failed in-service sample lots from failure through program completion.

Retired Device Archive - In-database archive of retired devices with selection, view, and unarchive functions.

Automated Meter Burden Calculation and Reporting - Automatic capture of meter energy loss during testing, and loss/cost analysis reports by manufacturer and model.

Runtime Test Board Workstation - Test data entry workstation for inspections, firmware updates, or time run testing, including barcode support.

Network Device (Router/Collector/Radio) Support - Device and test data management for Modems, Routers and Collectors including radio associations.

In-Service Sample Management - Administer in-service testing in accordance with ANSI standards as adopted by your utility.

New Device Acceptance - Comply with ANSI standards or create your own for New Device Acceptance testing.

RMA Workflow, Tracking, and Reporting - Ease the complicated and painful process of RMA enterprise synchronization through a powerful and intuitive interface.

Work Order and Inventory Control - Optimize inventory across all locations of your utility and maintain levels of operation according to your company’s business rules. Provide work order notifications and tracking when new equipment is needed.

Function Testing Automation - Create a template comprised of a custom list of function tests required for each smart meter type that can be performed by WECO’s 4000 series test equipment.

Third Party Test Board Adapter - Two way Web based interface to non-Radian test boards for device query and test result capture.

Gas Devices Support - Full support (acceptance testing, tracking, in-service testing, AMI marriage, retirement, etc.) for Gas Meters and Regulators.

Gas Prover Integration - Two way integration for Gas Meter Provers including process control, palletizing, and in-service functionality.

Generic Device Support - Create custom equipment types to track and manage any kind of asset. 

WATT-Net Plus has all the features of WATT-Net Basic, WATT-Net Express, and WATT-Net Limited. WATT-Net Plus also includes the following:
_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Advanced Custom Configuration - Upgrade our out-of-the-box solution to fit your custom needs, unique to your utility.

Multiple Operating Company Support - SOX compliant data and access separation for utilities with multiple Operating Companies.  

WATT-Net Software Features

WATT-Net Basic

WATT-Net Express

WATT-Net Limited

WATT-Net Plus

Manual Export of Test Data

Powerful Custom Reports

Dynamic Sequencing

Barcode Scanning and Printing

New Meter Support

CTs, PTs, Transducers, and Standards

Manual Site Administration

Field Data Upload

Field Data Upload

Harmonics Testing

Advanced Query Save and Recall

RM-17 Test Result Import 

Two-way Field and Shop Synchronization

Power Quality Capture

Site Wiring/Multiplier Verification 

Configurable Manufacturer File Import

Energy Reading Sets with Validation

WECO Legacy Data Conversion

AMI Device Installation History 

Manual Test Entry

Management Dashboard 

Obsolete Device Tracking

Security Roles and Access Control

Photo/Document Store and Recall

Firmware and Program ID Version Tracking

Unlimited Equipment Sync

Centralized Database

Proxy Sync (Inter-node Sync)

Dataview Configuration Editors

Reference Standard Calibration Test Scheduling 

Popup Comments

NISC Integration

Workstation Alerts

Enterprise Integration

Advanced Reporting Filters

Shop Transformer Testboard Interfaces 

Purged Device Archive

Multiple AMI Device Support

RS-933 Test Result Import

Integrated ANSI/MILSPEC Sampling & Reporting

Red Tag

Issued Device Tracking and Inventory

Standard Configuration Packages

Removal Reading Verification

Field Standard and Instrument Tracking

Device Repair Tracking

Performance Tracking and Reporting

Advanced Pallet Building and Transfer

Evidence Locker Hold Enforcement

Install Hold

Company Number Reservation

Meter Failure/Performance Reports

Mass Retirement File Import

Missing Device Support 

Field Assistant

Shop Assistant

Device Analytics Management

First Article Verification

No Meter Left Behind

Sample Testing Oversamples and Alternates

Failed In-Service Lot Tracking

Retired Device Archive

Automated Meter Burden Calculation & Reporting

Runtime Test Board Workstation

Network Device (Router/Collector/Radio) Support

In-Service Sample Management

New Device Acceptance

RMA Workflow, Tracking, and Reporting

Work Order and inventory Control

Function Testing Automation

Third Party Test Board Adapter

Gas Devices Support

EEI Gas Prover Integration 

Third Party Test Import

Generic Device Support 

Advanced Custom Configuration

Multiple Operating Company Support

Optional modules available for purchase

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