WATT-Net™ Basic

Meter Test Control Software

IEC Compatible

The Premier Meter Test Control Software in Electric Utility Industry.

Complimentary with RADIAN or WECO Test Boards and
ethernet enabled site equipment.

WATT-Net Basic is developed on the .NET framework and utilizes a securable and easily maintained SQL Server database. WATTNet Basic provides utilities the essentials in meter testing and site management by integrating Winboard3, the most accurate and reliable meter testing software in our industry, with configurable import file structures, field equipment data syncing, and a selection of equipment and site report options. WATT-Net Basic provides the perfect introduction to the next generation of RADIAN WECO’s software solutions, setting the industry standard for excellence and reliability once again. 

Intuitive management dashboard:

Quickly import and export data files

Provides the latest product news and update notices 

Manage meter testing data in one location: 

Collect and manage all meter testing records in one location

Field test data can be automatically synced to the database

Track device history:

For each device, track the date, the time, the technician, test results, and more

Enter and track comments that follow equipment through various editors/reports

Site administration made easy:

Manage a series of devices using the Site Administration functionality

Track historical snapshots of your sites and devices 

Quick and powerful reporting:  

Dynamic querying and custom search parameters

View and edit test results 

Robust equipment editors:

Allows you to track the life of equipment

Export directly to file

WATT-Net Basic
WATT-Net Basic




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