Meter Asset Management

Out-of-the box and ready to deliver meter asset management
system that fits the needs of utilities both large and small. 

With the AMI deployment, comes with challenges of managing and leveraging the unprecedented amount of data, increased operating cost and more skill sets required by the ever-changing technology trends. The aging infrastructure, however, poses a more prominent need for asset management. Benefits brought by asset management are not only limited to loss and damage prevention or meeting compliance and industry standard regulations. Streamlined asset management will improve grid efficiency and lower operational costs.

With over 35 years of experience in software development for electric utilities, Radian Research offers an advanced asset management solution featuring the ability to track the full lifecycle of metering assets.   

What Meter Asset Management Solutions Empower...


Optimize Meter Testing

Software intelligence offsets skill level required to carry out complex testing and optimizes the quality of testing.


Lower Cost of Operation

Benefit from a single solution to handle all touch points of meter asset lifecycle that ensures good health of your meter asset, improves safety and reduces hazards.


Improve Data Quality

All data in one centralized database. Fewer data entry errors and powerful reporting features. Business rules in place to keep meter records accurate.  


Sound Business Decisions

Harness all the meter asset management data gathered by your utility for analysis, resulting in sound business decisions. 

Meter Asset Management Solutions

WATT-Net Limited

A modern meter asset management software with ready to implement modules fitting the needs of utilities both large and small.

  • Out-of-the box and ready to deliver system providing scalability and function to fit the pace and direction of any utility. 
  • Manage the full lifecycle of all metering assets using configurable business rules. 
  • Integrate all meter testing data from the field and the shop into an enterprise ready system of record.
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WATT-Net Plus

The Premier Customizable Meter Asset Management Software Solution.

  • Advanced custom configuration . 
  • Features full lifecycle management of all metering assets and seamless integration of all meter testing data.
  • Leverages all the power of RADIAN or WECO NIST traceable hardware.
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No solution fits your specific need. Bring us your challenge and let RADIAN Innovate™ a custom solution for you.

Radian Research listens and responds in a timely manner to customers problems, needs and wants. RADIAN Innovate™ offers innovative solutions to meet new meter testing and meter processing demands.

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