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WECO WUB Meter Warm Up Board


Multi-channel Pulse Comparator

Sub-meters and streetlight meters are becoming major topics of interest in the electric utility industry. As these new meter types approach revenue grade, utilities are looking for an effective way to test them in high volume, while maintaining the NIST traceability required if they are to be used for billing. To maximize meter shop efficiency, utilities need a way to test these meters using their current testing processes. The RADIAN Multi-channel Pulse Comparator is here to solve this challenge.

The Multi-channel Pulse Comparator is designed for use with RADIAN's WECO 4000 series test boards. Each comparator has 16 pulse inputs. Each WECO 4000 series test board can interface with up to four comparators simultaneously.

The WECO 4000 sources voltage and current to a group of up to 16 meters per comparator. The pulse output from each meter is connected to a comparator channel. Meter pulses are compared with reference pulses from the RADIAN standard housed within the WECO 4000 test board to determine meter accuracies. This flexible approach allows the Multi-channel Pulse Comparator to be moved and operated from any WECO 4000 series test board.


Multi-channel Pulse Comparator

16 pulse input channels
Up to four comparators per WECO 4000 series test board
NIST traceability
WATT-Net software and database integration
Typical meter has 5 amp or milliamp inputs
Automated Standards Compare for system calibration

You can operate the Multi-channel Pulse Comparator from any of our family of WATT- Net software packages version 4.2 or higher; WATT- Net Basic, WATT- Net Express, WATT- Net Limited or WATTNet Plus. Managing test results is simplified as all meter data is in a single database and format.

Since the meter under test is potentially of revenue grade, meeting measurement traceability requirements will be a top priority. Watt-Net software has integrated an automated ‘Standards Compare’ test script that automatically runs, records and documents system calibration accuracy against an external RADIAN Power and Energy Reference Standard (sold separately)..

Multi-channel Pulse Comparator 16 Channel


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