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  RD-30 Dytronic Three-Phase Reference Standard

PCSuite SoftwareRR-PCSuite is a PC based version of RR-MobileSuite software that adds the ability to directly save test results to a computers hard disk. RR-MobileSuite is a simple, yet extremely powerful, software tool. The tools are as follows:

Metrics enables the user to view and manipulate views of all measurements including: Instantaneous, MIN/MAX, and Accumulating
Configure enables setting and control of various device parameters
Meter Test allows you to perform a test on a revenue meter
Standard Test allows you to test up to three secondary standards
Vectors graphically displays three phase vector diagrams with flexible display settings
Harmonics provides total harmonic distortion (THD) for all three phases of voltage and current waveforms, displays amplitude and relative phase angle data up to the 64th harmonic, and provides graphical representations of all harmonics information
Trend enables you to generate a trend chart for any of the instantaneous metrics



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