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Optical Pickup for Infared LED

RM-1H Optical Pickup

The RM-1H Infrared Optical Pickup is used to sense the infrared pulses from the calibration LED found on most solid state meters. The pulses from the RM-1H are fed into the input section of the RM-1N Solid State Meter Interface or RM-111 Automated Comparator. With the RM-1H and the RM-1N or RM-111 , testing of solid state watthour meters is done automatically. The wide angular displacement of this sensor allows for fast, non-critical alignment. Also, automatic gain control circuitry of the RM-1H assures operation in all ambient sunlight conditions, The RM-1H/v is also available for those solid state meters that have a visible calibration LED. The RM-1H and RM-1H/v can also be used with RS-Laboratory Calibration Systems.

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The RR-1H Optical Pickup is used with RD Dytronic Standards built in comparator option. RR-1H pickups can also be used with Radian Portable Test Systems.


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