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  RD-33 Dytronic Three-Phase Reference Standard


The RW-3X/3230 combination is a revolutionary testing package that redefines the state-of-the-art in meter testing.

• Form selection controlled from the RW-3X; no additional setup required or connection changes

• Minimal insertion force Smart Socket™

• Compensated current boost transformers for doubling the RW-3X's 30 amp max current to 50 amps per phase

• Barcode scanner input

• Laser optics


Utilize the RW-3X's features while on site in the van, as well as back at the shop with the Model 3230 Three-Phase Smart Socket. The 3230 features built-in laser optics, Smart Socket™ technology and automatic meter form selection. Connect the RW-3X to the 3230 side panel using the included cables and the RW-3X Winboard Embedded software automatically sets the meter form, which will then populate on the Model 3230 LCD display panel, and now you are ready to test. Not only does the 3230 make testing meters a snap, but it expands the current capability of the RW-3X to a full 50 amps, allowing the user to test class 320 amp meters.

With lock-down optics that stay where you put them and a simple push-button design for easy optic selection, the Model 3230 is ideal for van mounting. With the 3230 attached you have all the power of the Model 2350 plus the ability to quickly remove the RW-3X for testing right at the site.


Arrow RW-3x Brochure
Arrow Model 3230 Brochure
Arrow Procedure for testing a 7S or 24S meter with a RW-30/WE-20 and 3230 shop stand

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