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The WECO-300 Desktop Meter Station offers advanced features, highest quality at exceptional value. A truly compact portable desktop station weighing in at only 16.5 lbs. the WECO-300 provides a safe environment to perform a wide range of functional meter tests.

At Radian safety is a top concern, so the product design incorporates four independent levels of safety interlock minimizing the chance of operators being exposed to hazardous voltages during normal operation or when left unattended with no meter present. The WECO- 300 also incorporates resettable breakers to protect from misuse or connection of faulty meters.


Functionality includes operator selectable ‘Delivered’ or ‘Received’, 3 Amp. or 30 Amp. Internal load. The front panel Voltage isolation switch powers the meter device while the Current isolation switch doubles as ‘back feed’ simulation during Disconnect reclosure testing. Meter disconnect loading varies between vendors and may require 37.5VA (WECO-300) or 750VA (WECO-300HVA).

Flexiblity combined with the available Radian Research RM-17 the WECO-300 can deliver accuracy and flexibility beyond commercial desktop top watthour meter test stations. The RM-17 combines simple operation, advanced data management, and exceptional accuracy to provide the definitive, cost effective approach to testing.

Unlike other Desktop Meter Stations, the WECO-300 and RM-17 combination is not simply a verifier. Instead, the RM-17 incorporates a true Radian Research watthour standard as its reference. The RM-17 has a guaranteed accuracy of +/- 0.05% which is traceable to NIST. The inherent Radian watthour standard accuracy allows for the meter’s accuracy to be tested instead of merely verified.

A portable ‘office based’ solution to power meters for functional testing.


Meter Programming, Evaluation and Testbed


Form 2S, 12S and 25S


Zero Insertion Force (ZIF) Socket


Accepts RM-17 for Meter Accuracy Testing


Meter Disconnect Indication


Disconnect/Reclosure Indication


Selectable Received and Delivered Energy


Selectable 3 Amp & 30 Amp Internal Load


Four-point Hazardous Voltage Safety Interlock


Safety and Device Protection using Resettable Breaker


120V/240V Meter Supply (75VA WECO-300 or optional WECO-300HVA 750VA)



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