Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) 

RADIAN provides solutions that serve every aspect of
meter processing involved in AMI deployment

Successful AMI deployment centers heavily on effective processing of energy revenue meters. Meter sites need to be analyzed, old meters retired and new ones installed. All these essential phases of AMI deployment require extensive testing and data management. RADIAN provides meter testing instruments, systems, software and service solutions that serve every aspect of meter processing involved in an AMI deployment. 

RADIAN Site Solutions provide portable meter testing and complete site analysis. Meter Shop Solutions provide industry leading WECO Meter Test Boards that serve every possible meter testing need from functional and qualification to accuracy and calibration. From the premier WECO 4330X Meter Test Board to multi-position WECO Meter Qualification Boards; Time Run and Warm-up Boards; and Smart Meter Farms. Whether your need is high precision and accuracy or high throughput and efficiency there is a RADIAN Solution for you.  

AMI deployment requires effective management of metering assets at every stage of their life. RADIAN provides WECO Software Solutions to empower your ability in this essential area. WATT-Net™ Meter Test Data and Asset Management Software provides out of the box solutions easily scalable to utilities of any size or type. RADIAN also provides an array of Services that support AMI deployments.  

What Radian Research Provides

No solution fits your specific need. Bring us your challenge and let RADIAN Innovate™ a custom solution for you.

Radian Research listens and responds in a timely manner to customers problems, needs and wants. RADIAN Innovate™ offers innovative solutions to meet new meter testing and meter processing demands.

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