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Radian Research is pleased to provide the following list of Events, upcoming Meter Schools, Conferences  and Trade Shows as a convenience to our customers. Meter Schools, Conferences and Trade Shows are a good way to increase industry knowledge and see the latest Radian products and services. 
If you would like more information or have a question about an upcoming Meter School, Workshop or Conference that Radian is attending, please contact us.


Florida Users Group

Date: 2/6-7/2024
Location: Orlando, FL
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DISTRIBUTECH International
Booth #1719  

Date: 2/26-29/2024
Location: Orlando, FL
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Mississippi Meter School

Date:  2/19-21/2024
Location:  Starkville, MS
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Booth #1266

Date:  3/3-6/2024
Location:  San Antonio, TX
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RMEMA Rocky Mountain Electric Metering 

Date:  3/11-14/2024
Location:  Fort Collins, CO
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Southeastern Meter School

Date:  3/18-21/2024
Location:  Auburn, AL
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TEC Annual Loss Control Conference & Exhibit Show 

Date: 3/16-23/2024
Location: San Marcos, TX


Heartland Metering Conference

Date: 4/2-4/2024
Location: Wichita, KS
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NWPPA Engineering & Operations Conference and Trade Show

Date: 4/9-11/2024
Location: Tocoma, WA
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EEI Spring 2024

Date: 4/14-17/2024
Location: Houston, TX
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Utility Connect Conference

Date: 4/16-18/2024
Location: Portsmouth, NH
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2024 EDA Niagara Grand and Western District Metering Expo and Workshop

Date: 4/2-4/2024
Location: London, Ontario, Canada
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Avcom Northeast Meter School 2024

Date: 4/29-5/1/2024
Location: Scituate, MA
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Mid South Meter School

Date:  5/6-10/2024
Location:  Murfreesboro, TN
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North Carolina Electric Meter School and Conference

Date:  6/9-13/2024
Location:  Myrtle Beach, SC
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SWEMA Spring Conference 

Date: 6/3-6/2024
Location: Fort Worth, Texas
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REAP Meter School

Date: 6/2024
Location: TBD


Carilec Engineering & Procurement Conference

Date: 7/21-25/2024
Location: St. Maarten
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GLEMS Great Lakes Meter School

Date: 8/5-8/2024
Location:  Kalamazoo, MI
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Northwest Electric Meter School

Date:  8/2024
Location: TBD  
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Engineering, Environmental &
Materials Management Conferences
& Exhibit Show

Date: TBD
Location: Frisco, TX


WeMeet 2024

Date:  09/10-12/2024
Location: Lafayette, IN
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Minnesota Electric Meter School

Date:  9/17-19/2023
Location: Duluth, MN
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2024 Aclara Meter School

Date: 9/24-26/2023
Location: Portsmouth, NH
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Arkansas Meter School 

Date:  10/7-10/2024
Location:  Fayetteville, AR
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EEI Fall Transmission, Distribution & Metering Conference 2024

Date:  10/2024
Location: TBD
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SWEMA Meter School 

Date: 10/2024
Location: Bryan-College Station, TX
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Annual SEMA Short Course and Conference

Date: 10/2024
Location: TBD
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Itron Inspire

Date:  10/4-11/2024
Location: Palm Desert, CA
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2024 Xylem Reach Conference

Date:  10/13-16/2024
Location:  Atlanta, GA
Details >

Enlit Europe

Date:  10/20-24/2024
Location:  Milan, Italy
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Indiana Electric Cooperatives Annual Meeting

Date: TBD
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Details >

NWPPA/APA Alaska Electric Utility Conference
and Trade Show

Date: 11/20-21/2024
Location: Anchorage, AK
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Mississippi Meter School

Date: TBD
Location: TBD

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