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RADIAN Tim Everidge

Dear Customers and Friends,

Radian Research, Inc. is the world leader that provides Electric Energy Measurement Instruments, Systems, Software and Services for Engineering, Laboratory, Shop and Site testing applications for the electric utility Industry. RADIAN products ensure the integrity of electric energy measurement for the commerce of electricity in over 50 countries and are respected worldwide for their legendary accuracy, precision and stability. More Electric Utilities, Meter Manufacturers and National Metrology Institutes use RADIAN reference standards to provide energy measurement certainty than any other brand.

RADIAN’s WECO family of Electric Meter Test Boards has set the standard at electric utility meter shops and electric meter manufacturers. Every WECO Meter Test System has a RADIAN reference standard as its measurement engine. WECO Software Solutions complete the RADIAN product offering. WECO pioneered meter shop software for Electric Utilities over 35 years ago. That leadership continues today as our WATT-Net™ software manages energy meter test data at more electric utilities than any other brand.

RADIAN maintains the most extensive AC Electric Energy Calibration Laboratory in the electric utility industry. Our ISO 17025 accredited laboratory maintains direct traceability for AC energy metrics to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in the US and the National Research Council (NRC) in Canada with unparalleled measurement certainties. RADIAN offers extensive laboratory and onsite calibration services on all AC power and energy measurement devices.

The heart of RADIAN is our team! They are champions for our company and advocates for our customer. RADIAN is 100% employee owned and US based. Our team of employee owners design, develop, produce, test and support all RADIAN solutions. You can count on our team to be your partner, to help you solve your challenges and achieve your goals. Kaizen continuous improvement events, self-managed teams and scoreboard meetings are part of the RADIAN culture that empowers the team to be engaged and participative. Our team also cares about, appreciates and contributes to our communities in both Lafayette, IN and Pearl, MS by actively supporting charity organizations and causes.

The focus of RADIAN is our customer! We build, develop, empower and inspire our team to appreciate, serve, listen to and care for our customer. That is the essence of our existence. RADIAN is founded upon innovation and excellence. We empower the ability of our customer to solve their challenges through application of our solutions facilitated by our team. If none of our existing products meet your needs, then bring us your challenge and let RADIAN Innovate™ a custom solution for you.

Thank you to our customers for your continued loyalty. It is our honor to serve you.


Tim C. Everidge
President and CEO   

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