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100% Employee Owned Since 2008 

In 2008, Radian Research implemented an Employee Stock Ownership Plan and became 100% Employee Owned, which was a tremendous transition and achievement for RADIAN. An ESOP is a business ownership structure consisting of a defined equity based deferred compensation plan whereby employees become beneficial owners of the company’s stock which is held in a trust. RADIAN’s goal of motivating employees to be accountable and productive is incentivized by the possibility for the ESOP to increase the value of Employee Owners retirement fund. Beyond that, RADIAN’s ultimate goal is to create a positive Ownership culture. This is accomplished through education and high engagement. To foster engagement, an ESOP Ambassador Team was formed in May 2009, which serves as a liaison between management and non-management Employee Owners driving the RADIAN Team towards a positive and Customer-centric Ownership mindset. 


What Being Employee Owned Means  

“RADIAN being 100% Employee Owned inspires me to actively engage in company’s growth. We are not coming for a paycheck but have a direct stake in our future success.” – An Employee Owner since 1996

“What I enjoy most about working for an Employee Owned company is being informed, included and educated in the business. This insight gives me better perspective and motivates me to do everything I can to support our customers.” – An Employee Owner since 2011 

“As an Employee Owner, seeing every aspect of the company in action makes me feel like I am part of what makes RADIAN great!” – An Employee Owner since 2010 

“Being Employee Owned leads to a customer-centric culture. We participate in industry standards meetings, listen to our customers as we design new products and work closely with our customers through training and support.” – An Employee Owner since 1999 


ESOP Facts 

A Rutgers study found that ESOP companies grow 2.3% to 2.4% faster after setting up their ESOP than would have been expected without it. 

A 1997 Washington State study found that ESOP participants had almost three times the retirement assets as did workers in comparable non-ESOP companies. 

A 2017 research conducted by the NCEO found an increase in "job satisfaction, organizational commitment, identification, motivation, and workplace participation“ among employee owners than employees in a non-ESOP environment.  

ESOP companies are 25% more likely to stay in business. 

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