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Imagine a company based in Lafayette, Indiana that researches new power and energy measurement technologies and develops electrical measurement instruments offering accuracy levels that are arguably the best in the world. Imagine that these products are sold in nearly 50 different countries each year. Imagine that these products play a cornerstone role in maintaining the integrity of the watt-hour for electricity commerce worldwide. Imagine that nearly every one of the 10 million new electricity meters installed each year in the US, such as the one on your home or place of employment, has been calibrated for accuracy against this company's Energy Reference Standards.

Imagine a company founded upon innovation, technology breakthrough and outstanding customer service. This company is Radian Research, Inc. Radian is a privately held corporation founded by Glenn A. Mayfield in 1982. As an electrical measurement physicist, Mr. Mayfield realized that watt-hour reference standards would require a technological advancement to be accurate and stable enough to test new emerging electronic watt-hour revenue billing meters. Therefore, he established the Company's focus as the research, development and production of advanced power and energy measurement instruments for the worldwide electric utility industry. 


RADIAN is founded upon innovation 

Glenn Mayfield was one of the most respected men in the electric utility industry. He was a brilliant scientist, inventor, entrepreneur and master joke teller. Glenn’s lifelong passion and focus was the relentless pursuit of perfection in the area of power and energy measurement. Radian Research, Inc. sprang from Glenn’s imagination, ingenuity, passion and dedication to being the absolute best. Radian went from Glenn’s imagination to becoming one of the most recognized and respected brand names in the electric utility industry. Glenn had 13 design patents in the area of electrical metrology. His genius mindset and determination forged Radian’s identity as The Energy Standard by which all others are compared. The name “Radian” has become synonymous with “Standard” throughout the electric utility industry and Radian is arguably the leading producer of power and energy standards in the world.

Anyone who met Glenn knows he was truly one of a kind. Wherever he went, whoever he met, Glenn Mayfield left an impression. Glenn will be deeply missed and can never be replaced. At the same time, Glenn’s spirit lives on in the loyal, dedicated employees of Radian Research. His vision and determination to be the absolute best is alive and well, echoing through the halls of Radian Research, Inc. Glenn’s desire was for Radian to continue playing a leadership role in test and measurement instrumentation long after he was gone and the employees of Radian Research are dedicated to carrying on Glenn’s legacy in a manner that would make him proud. 

Glenn A. Mayfield 

Oct. 7, 1944 - Jan. 17, 2007 

RADIAN Timeline


In 1985 Radian Research began production of its first product, the RADIAN Metronic RM-10 Portable Watthour Standard. The RM-10 provided specific innovative features, developed by Glenn Mayfield, which improved accuracy, enhanced testing efficiency and provided greater safety. The Radian RM-10 was the first energy metering instrument in the world to provide a wide range auxiliary power input AND an auto-ranging voltage input. These innovations by Glenn Mayfield dramatically changed the technology of energy meters and reference standards made by all manufacturers of such products around the world. Auto-ranging inputs for current (0 to 50 amps), voltage (60 to 600 volts) and auxiliary power (80 to 600 volts) made it impossible to damage the unit by applying a signal to the wrong tap. A true watthour display with a Kh of 1 on all ranges allowed for a much simpler energy meter error calculation. Remote digital display gating eliminated the need for switching the potential while further enhancing accuracy. With its high accuracy, innovative features and a weight of only 5.5 pounds, the RM-10 soon became the number one selling watthour standard in North America.

In 1986 Radian Research introduced its first primary watthour standard, the RM-11. The RM-11 was the most accurate, precise and stable self-contained primary watthour reference standard manufactured in the world. The RM-11 provided many of the same innovative features which were previously introduced with the RM-10. The RM-11 was so accurate and stable that many laboratories in the US began transferring the watthour directly to NIST instead of using traditional DC to AC transfer methods.

From 1986 to 1990 RADIAN added various meter testing accessories to its product line. These accessories assisted in the automation of testing induction and electronic energy billing meters. During this same time Radian Research was investing several million dollars into the research and development of an automated AC laboratory reference system based on its legendary Syntron signal sourcing technology. The result was the RS-703A Syntron Automated Calibration System with an accuracy of +/- 0.005% +/- traceability uncertainty. The RADIAN RS-703A soon became revered and respected as the most accurate, functionally advanced AC electric energy calibration system in the world.

By 1993 Radian had experienced significant growth requiring it to purchase land and have a 22000 square feet custom facility built. This facility became the Corporate Headquarters for Radian Research and housed all aspects of the business operation.

From 1993 to 2003 Radian continued to introduce new technologies and solutions to their portfolio. The most profound of these was the RADIAN Dytronic RD Series of single-phase and three-phase multifunction reference standards. RD standards featured RADIAN designed Analog to Digital Converters optimized for power and energy measurement. RD standards added profound new capabilities including simultaneous measurement, extensive harmonics measurement and built in comparator options in becoming the replacement for the RM series of energy reference standards.

In 2005 Radian Research purchased Utility Test Equipment Company (UTEC). The acquisition of UTEC enabled Radian to significantly expand its product offering to the electric utility industry by providing turnkey field test systems for energy meters and current transformers as well as individual equipment pieces that allow customers ultimate flexibility in meeting their testing and calibration requirements.

In 2008 Radian expanded its facility to 30,000 square feet with a new Research and Development Laboratory coupled with new offices and break room. The corporation also went through a restructuring of its ownership into an ESOP and 100% Employee Owned.

In 2009 Radian Research, Inc. was recognized as one of the 50 Top Companies to Watch in the State of Indiana. This is a prestigious award given to those companies that have a high growth of revenue and accelerated job creation. The company also started shipping its next generation of Syntron Automated Laboratory Calibration Systems, the RS-933 which featured expanded current sourcing capabilities.

In 2011 Radian Research acquired 100% of Watthour Engineering Company (WECO) stock to combine the companies under one ESOP umbrella. The combination of RADIAN and WECO created the world's largest and most technologically innovative provider of energy reference standards, advanced energy meter testing systems and automated laboratory calibration systems. Radian Research now operates out of two facilities ... a 40,000 square feet facility in Lafayette, Indiana and a 25,000 square feet facility in Pearl, Mississippi.

In 2012 Radian Research introduced a new portable meter test system, Bantam Plus. The highly innovative Bantam Plus provides testing accuracy and versatility of a single-phase meter test board in a light, compact package.

In 2013 Radian Research formed a new business unit named WECO Software Solutions focused exclusively on providing meter test data management software to Electric Utility meter shops. The same year witnessed a significant portfolio expansion as RADIAN launched the WECO 4000 Automated Meter Test Board series that featured a powerful mix of accuracy, convenience, and versatility by leveraging cutting-edge technology. The flagship WECO 4330 with 330 Amp capability provided a fusion of high accuracy and current capacity meter testing never seen before in a meter test board.

In 2014 WATT-Net™ Plus was introduced to the WATT-Net family. WATT-Net Plus is an advanced asset management system featuring the ability to track the full lifecycle of metering assets. The release of WATT-Net Plus made WATT-Net Software platform a comprehensive solution to advanced meter testing, meter test data management and metering asset management needs for the modern utility.

In 2017, drawing on over 35 years of developing and manufacturing the best in class energy standards, Radian Research released their next generation energy reference standard -- the RX Xytronic Series. Extended operating range, increased control versatility and fundamental only measurement metrics exemplify this latest addition to the legendary RADIAN Family.

In 2018 Radian Research designed and built their first WECO AMI Meter Farm, providing an economical way for Electric Utilities to test meter communications and functionality when deploying AMI meters. High-quality components and materials ensure a long lasting, reliable meter testing solution – whatever the environment.

In 2020 RADIAN launched and shipped six new product models including WECO 8000 Series Meter Qualification Boards, WECO 9000 Warm-up Board and WECO 9100 Time Run Board. This unprecedented portfolio expansion further distinguishes RADIAN’s offering of premier electric meter testing instruments, systems, software and services to the Electric Utility. 


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