Radian Research provides a broad range of unrivaled value-added services
including calibration services done by laboratory and on-site, utility
management training, product training and more.

Testing and Calibration


Calibration Service
(RADIAN Manufactured Equipment)

Customizable & NIST-traceable calibration services for Radian manufactured equipment performed across the 6 entire operating range of the measurement standard.  
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Calibration Service 
(Non RADIAN Equipment)

Calibration (verify only) services for AC energy reference standards performed at specific test points only or across the entire operating range of the measurement standard. Custom test options available. 
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On-site Test Equipment Calibration Service

A fully customizable & NIST traceable accuracy calibration performed at customer’s site. The service comes with a complete NIST traceable certificate of calibration at test points across its entire operating range.
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Routine Calibration Scheduler

Set up your Recalibration Services Scheduler at our website to receive calibration reminders of your power and energy measurement equipment.
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Calibration of Other AC Measurement Instruments

RADIAN can test and certify other non-Radian alternating current or voltage measurement instruments using our state-of-the-art AC metrology system.
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Meter Type Testing

A cost-effective way to thoroughly evaluate the measurement performance of many newly introduced revenue meters in the market today. 
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Meter or Reference Standard Harmonic Waveform Evaluation Service

RADIAN offers the ability to test devices both at pure sinusoidal waveforms along with providing test data on actual distorted voltage and current waveforms. 
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RADIAN Services

Temperature Cycling Revenue Meters or Reference Standard Evaluation Service

This service is aimed at customers who need to qualify electricity meters or reference standards to operate within their specifications across a broad range of operating or storage temperatures.
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Utility Management Training


Process Improvement Workshop

Facilitated by Black Belt experts that understand metering, Process Improvement Workshop helps meter shop managers empower workforce and increase throughput.
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Measurement Principles Training

This training is invaluable to help utility personnel fully understand the traceability and principles behind Electrical Power and Energy Measurement.
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Certification and Accreditation Training

These training sessions allow participants to gain knowledge on the requirements of ISO/IEC-17025:2017 for accreditation programs development or improvements.
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Public Utility

Public Utility Commissions and Public Service Commissions Workshop

The Public Utility Commission exercises regulatory authority over Utilities in areas of rate/based/economic regulation, competitive market oversight and monitoring of safety, reliability and service issues.
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RADIAN Services

Repair & Upgrade Service

A comprehensive repair service to your RADIAN, WECO or UTEC equipment done by certified repair personnel. We can repair or refurbish your equipment to restore optimum operating specifications.
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RADIAN Product Training

Product Training

RADIAN offers training on reference standards and test systems tailored to your specific needs. Training is available in various formats.
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RADIAN Customer Forum

RADIAN offers a customer forum through our web site. Customers and RADIAN experts can exchange ideas. The forum is open for concerns, questions, compliments, equipment and software experience.
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Radian Care Plans

RADIAN Care Plans

Extended Warranties - RADIAN offers an array of extended service and support contracts. These contracts are designed to give customers flexibility to choose the level of coverage desired.

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Certified Service Partner Program

To help international customers reduce turnaround times and increase equipment uptime, we are pleased to offer the RADIAN CSP (Certified Service Partner) program. The CSP program enables qualified laboratories to offer calibration and repair services locally keeping your equipment in optimal operating condition.

Regions covered by RADIAN’s current CSP network include:

• Europe
• Middle East
• Africa
• Western Asia
• India
• China

Learn more about the RADIAN CSP program and view our current CSPs here.

No solution fits your specific need. Bring us your challenge and let RADIAN Innovate™ a custom solution for you.

Radian Research listens and responds in a timely manner to customers problems, needs and wants. RADIAN Innovate™ offers innovative solutions to meet new meter testing and meter processing demands.

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