Process Improvement Workshop

Facilitated by Black Belt experts that understand metering, Process
Improvement Workshop helps meter shop managers empower
workforce and increase throughput. 


Utilities are aware improvements are needed, because… 

However, utilities are not actively looking for improvement solutions, because… 

Lack of Equipment
“…since we switched to AMI, pass yield has dropped significantly, we don’t have the equipment or people to keep up…..” 

“…but this is what we’ve always done, why change if it isn't broke” 

Limited Storage Space
“…..our storage space is max’d out, we have crates of meters standing in the car park…” 

Time Constraints
“…we’re too busy doing the daily stuff, we have no time to look for improvements” 

Misunderstanding of Customer Values
“…we don’t understand what my internal and external customers value…” 

Oversight of Long-Term Benefits
“…but we only added the process step to overcome a short-term issue, why are we still doing it….” 

Process Improvement Workshop


The RADIAN Process Improvement Workshop is a three-day onsite exercise facilitated by skilled Process Improvement RADIAN professionals. The workshop will guide you to the desired outcome of increased throughput without adding headcount, without adding additional equipment and without the need to utilize contract testing services.

RADIAN’s Expertise

  • Black Belt - Transactional Process Improvement (Danaher Business Systems)
  • Ten years of process improved operations
  • XXX workshops completed  

Customer Testimonials


Joe Speranza, Meter Lab Supervisor – Duke

“Thank you for sending over this report. I will review it with my leadership and team. Thank you again for your time to do the event itself. We have since been working to improve our RMA and Shipping processes. We have also been testing our capabilities to validate and program multiple meters at one time, which has promising results thus far.” 


Mark Power, Meter Lab Supervisor – BG&E

“I am happy to report we are  beginning to see the proposed efficiencies from implementing the qualification board and process change.”

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