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WECO Smart AMI Meter Farm

RADIAN’s new, fully customizable WECO SMART Meter Farms utilize the XBee IOT Ecosystem to provide wireless remote control for core functionality of every WECO Meter Farm panel and row independently.  More>

WECO 9200

WECO 9200 Warm-Up Load Board

Radian Research introduces the WECO 9200, an innovative multi-form, multi-position meter warm-up board.  More>

RADIAN Back on the Road

RADIAN Back on the Road!

As Meter Schools, Workshops, Conferences and Trade Shows begin to return back to in person events, RADIAN is ready to hit the road to showcase our industry leading and innovative solutions
and services.   More>

Mike Weed

Welcome Mike Weed!

Radian Research Hires New Director of Software Solutions.  More>

WECO 9100

New Product Announcement

The WECO 9100 - Time Run Board. Details >

Multi-channel Pulse Comparator

New Product Announcement

Multi-Channel Pulse Comparator - Automated Streelight and Sub-meter Testing.   Details >

WECO 8020, 8030 and 8040

New Product Announcement

The WECO 8020, WECO 8030 and WECO 8040 Meter Qualification Boards.   Details >

WECO 9000

New Product Announcement

The WECO 9000 is an economical, high volume warm-up board solution. Details >


RADIAN Innovate TM

Have an idea, looking for innovation?

RADIAN Innovate™ is a new service from Radian Research specifically designed for Electric Utilities in need of innovative testing solutions.  More>

Smart Street Light Metering

White Paper

RADIAN is monitoring the advances in Smart Street Light Metering and developing solutions to meet the measurement requirements of this emerging technology.   More>
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Winboard End-of-Life


Winboard2, WATT-Net (Legacy) and Winboard Utilities have a target End-of-Life set for 12/2019.   More>

WATT-Net Software

WECO WATT-Net Software Update

New WATT-Net Software Update.  Version  released 11/2020.  More>
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RADIAN Process Improvement

Process Improvement

RADIAN Meter Shop Process Improvement Workshop.  More>

WECO 300

New Product Announcement

Introducing the new WECO 300 Desktop Meter Test Station. The WECO-300 is a portable ‘office based’ solution to power meters for functional testing.   More>

RADIAN Community Forum

The Radian Community Forum

Interact and learn from your fellow power and energy professionals, as well as the Radian experts!  More>



RADIAN receives ISO/IEC-17025:2005 Accreditation.  More>

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