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WECO Software Solutions’ WATT-Net™ Meter Test Data and Asset Management Software provides versatile solutions easily tailored and scalable to utilities of any size or type. 

IEC Compatible

WECO’s Expertise

WECO pioneered meter shop software for Electric Utilities over 35 years ago and continues to lead in this arena. From Meter Testing to Meter Asset Management, WATT-Net™ Software is the most comprehensive asset and smart grid device management database software package available that combines powerful functionality and ease of use, specifically designed for the metering industry.

Equipped with a unique testing approach that is full featured and highly configurable to meet your business process requirements, WATT-Net provides innovative, versatile and out of the box solutions easily scalable to utilities of any size or type. 

In 2022, RADIAN was named Company of the Year in the Utilities Asset Management solutions category. RADIAN received this prestigious award in recognition of our knowledge of utility metering, relationships with meter manufacturers and control of industry leading test system hardware. Our excellence in these areas is exemplified by our WATT-Net™ Meter Test and Asset Management software platform.

What WECO Software Solutions Empower

Meter Test Data Management

Powerful and cost-effective solution for meter test data management that unlocks the potential of your test equipment. Learn More >

Meter Asset Management

Out-of-the box and ready to deliver meter asset management system that fits the needs of utilities both large and small. Learn More >

WECO Software Solutions

WATT-Net Software Suite

The Premier Meter Test Control Software in Electric Utility Industry. 

Complimentary with RADIAN or WECO test boards and ethernet enabled site equipment.

WATT-Net Basic is complimentary with every WECO test board and provides utilities the essentials in meter testing control and management. Build advanced test sequences, control every test parameter and generate test data compatible with all major databases. WATT-Net Basic is the entry point onto the WATT-Net platform of data management solutions that provides unparalleled test result organization, reporting, and exporting abilities.
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WATT-Net Software Suite

WATT-Net Express is a powerful and cost effective solution for Meter Test Data Management.

- Configurable Dataview
- Centralized Database
- Data Conversion Services
- KNOPP CT & PT Analyzer Data Management
- Software Maintenance and Support
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WATT-Net Software Suite

WATT-Net Limited is a modern Meter Asset Management software with ready to implement modules fitting the  needs of utilities both large and small.

Out-of-the box and ready to deliver system providing scalability
    and function to fit the pace and direction of any utility
-  Manage the full lifecycle of all metering assets using configurable
    business rules
-  Integrate all meter testing data from the field and the shop into
    an enterprise ready system of record
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WATT-Net Software Suite

The Premier Customizable Meter Asset Management Software Solution.

-   Features full lifecycle management of all metering assets and
     seamless integration of all meter testing data.
-   Leverages all the power of RADIAN or WECO NIST traceable

Solutions for everyday meter shop challenges may be further customized with WATT-Net Plus maximizing productivity.
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