WATT-Net Meter Shop Operations Module

  IEC Compatible

Achieve Unparalleled Operational Efficiency In Your Meter Shop!

WATT-Net Meter Shop Operations


The Meter Shop Operations module delivers a comprehensive set of features that enables you to manage and streamline your meter shop operations. You can easily create and enforce standard operating procedures using built-in business rules. The advanced sample acceptance testing capabilities ensure that all testing processes adhere to industry standards such as ANSI or MILSPEC. The Meter Shop Operations module brings efficiency gains and productivity improvements, making it the ultimate solution for meter shop operations!

Pricing: Fixed license fee


  • Device tracking and configurable business rules for workflow management
  • First Article Verification
    • Automatic identification of First Article devices at record creation
    • Easy retrieval of all associated first article test results
  • Acceptance functions
    • Lost sample acceptance testing with built-in ANSI and MILSPEC sampling tables to ensure correct sample quantities
    • New device acceptance
    • Select from device evaluation method from inspection only, percentage, or ANSI/MILSPEC statistical selection and test result calculations
    • Detailed acceptance reporting shows all statistical evaluations for both manufacturer and utility tests along with acceptance or rejection recommendations
  • Singular site workstation alerts
    • Visual (optionally audible) alert for special conditions that require the operator to take specific actions
  • Box & pallet creation management
  • Pallet content report

Who Benefits?

  • Meter shop technicians
    • Different roles for different workstations ranging from accuracy testing, cleaning, inspection, paint booth, leak test, shipping/receiving and repair
  • Meter engineer
  • Meter shop super
  • Meter shop administrator
  • Materials Management Receiving and Shipping clerk
    • ERP system operators
  • Management

Pains and Gains

- Pains Addressed

  • Ensure correct device flow through the meter shop processes and prevent errors with business rules that provide corrective guidance
  • Automated alerts that prompt operators to take specific actions can help reduce errors and maximize efficiency
  • A single barcode scan of box or pallet labels instead of scanning individual devices one-by-one enables quick and efficient movement to the next step
  • Auto-generated reports of device status and location counts without requiring additional data from your operators

+ Gains Unlocked

  • Standardize meter shop processes with task-specific workstations
  • Identify first article devices automatically and access associated test results effortlessly
  • Track each device's exact location at every step in the process, so users can quickly locate and extract any device
  • Stay on top of the meter shop processes with detailed business rule execution logs and insightful reports of individual device handling 




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