WATT-Net Asset Lifecyle Management Module

  IEC Compatible

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WATT-net Asset Lifecycle


The Asset Lifecycle Management module is specifically designed to streamline asset management and provide complete lifecycle support for Gas, Water, and Electric utilities. With advanced and customizable features, it can easily be adopted and standardized across your entire organization. This module offers unlimited user-controlled configurability combined with several out-of-the-box features, allowing you to operate efficiently without compromising the uniqueness of your processes.  

Pricing: Asset based license fee


  • Requirements gathering (24 hours included; 8-hour increments afterwards)
  • Business rules for device lifecycle management: Business rules control the correct flow of devices through the entire shop and field processes provide corrective guidance to operators for commonly occurring errors
  • Multi-site workstation alerts: Trigger visual (and optionally audible) alerts set up for special conditions to prompt operators to take specific actions.
  • Removal reading verification: Verify removal readings from CSS by comparing against the KWH readings from shop test boards to prevent data entry error.
  • Firmware and program ID version tracking:

    • Valid Program ID and Firmware Versions over effective date ranges are maintained for each specific meter group

    • Firmware updates are seamlessly integrated into the overall shop process, with operators being notified about outdated versions and reminded to update to valid versions

    • Auto-generate future versions to be queued up to be available during the configured period of time
  • Obsolete device tracking: Automated alerts triggered by configurable conditions to flag out and prevent obsolete devices and from passing specific points through the process.
  • Device ID reservation: Configurable reserved ranges of device unique identifiers (Company Numbers, Badge Numbers) for each device manufacturer are saved in the database and are validated when new devices are added
  • Install hold: Configurable control of removed devices being processed prior to completion of billing system “paperwork”
  • Mass retirement file import: Bulk retirement of devices by range or file.
  • Missing device support: Detailed declaration that keeps the missing devices in locked-down condition until found or final retirement.
  • Generic device support: Define serialized devices that are unique to the utility as defining native devices.
  • Retired device: Retire devices at configurable points in the workflow process with required retirement data, unretire accidental retires and archive aged-out retired devices.
  • Purged device: Archive device and test data for devices purged from the primary records with warnings if the devices are reloaded. Archive test data that has been deleted.
  • AMI device support:

    • Support for multiple AMR/AMI device types simultaneously, each with their own data and validation definitions

    • Multiple associated AMR/AMI devices for Gas and Electric meters

    • Lifetime history of all meter/AMI associations and disassociations

    • AMI devices may be purchased and stocked as individual devices prior to association 

Who Benefits?

  • Meter shop technicians
    • Different roles for different workstations ranging from accuracy testing, cleaning, inspection, paint booth, leak test, shipping/receiving and repair
  • Meter engineers
  • AMI engineers
  • Meter shop superintendents
  • Meter shop administrators
  • Management
  • Field technicians
  • Customer Service
  • Finance Department
  • Materials Management Receiving and Shipping clerks
    • ERP system operators

Pains and Gains

- Pains Addressed

  • Firmware update logs keep users informed and ensure quick diagnosis of billing or data issues
  • Automated alerts and visual cues for special conditions, reducing the likelihood of mishandling devices.
  • Obsolete device tracking and device ID reservation features prevent mistakes like overlapping or duplicate company numbers, ensuring accurate tracking and reducing errors
  • Billing errors due to mis-keyed removal readings are more likely to be caught as soon as the meter is tested

+ Gains Unlocked

  • Purpose-built workstations extend utility processes to field operations
  • Improve device tracking and monitoring throughout the entire shop and field processes 
  • Increase productivity by processing and testing the "hung paperwork" devices while preventing shipment back out of the meter shop 

Cost Avoidance-       + Value Adds

  • The exact state of a device is clearly identified at all times, which helps to prevent loss, maximize asset value and boost asset utilization.
  • Improve operational efficiency and productivity by automating manual tasks and streamlining processes.
  • Automated alerts reduce the risk of mishandling devices, extending asset life and ensuring that your assets are maintained cost-effectively.




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