WATT-Net Integrations

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WATT-Net Integrations


With WATT-Net Integrations, you can easily interface with other systems and streamline your data flow. From simple to complex, WATT-Net Integrations offers a wide range of solutions that cater to your specific needs. Enjoy real-time or scheduled transactions via files or APIs and seamlessly integrate with enterprise systems like SAP, Oracle, IBM, or other utility developed solutions. With advanced integrations with AMI head end, you will get instant updates or local connections to meters for Advanced Automated Functional Testing.

Pricing: Fixed license fee per integration

Integration Snapshot

  • NISC test data integration
  • Landis Gyr – TechStudio integration
  • Sensus – Spotlight integration
  • Schneider – Ion integration
  • WATT-Net Listener server application
    • Read / Write API
    • Real-time custom
    • Scheduled custom
    • Landis Gyr – Command Center adapter

AMI Manufacturer Head-End

  • Supported Systems:
    • Landis+Gyr Command Center via Listener Adapter
  • Real-time firmware version changes
  • Registration deferral during meter shop testing via Quarantine Process and tracking rules
  • Meter shop control of lot acceptance and Mfr. file import via WATT-Net first instead of direct import into Head-End
  • Enforce rules like “retire with test” in WATT-Net to free up AMI head-end. Retired device status pushed to head-end

Supported Integrations and Features

Billing Systems (CIS)

  • Supported Systems: Direct integration with NISC via MultiSpeak like message; others via Listener Adapters
    • NISC
    • Oracle CC&B
    • Cayenta
    • Banner
    • CSS
    • Custom/legacy systems
  • Push meter test data automatically
  • Pull site/circuit/premise/account information
  • Bi-directional real-time status updates defined by tracking rules
  • Devices not created in billing system until they pass lot acceptance testing in WATT-Net

AMI Manufacturer Shop Tools

  • Supported Systems:
    • Landis+Gyr TechStudio
    • Sensus Spotlight
  • Leverage AMI communications for automated meter readings, firmware / program ID reading and disconnect switch operations
  • Verify WATT-Net database against meter configuration on serial number, Mfr. ID, etc.
  • Functional testing automation: Read status flags, stimulate meter functionality such as sags/swells and read ANSI C12.19 tables

ERP Systems

  • Supported Systems
    • SAP
  • WATT-Net serves as a bridge system to query ERP for equipment data including test parameters.
  • Increment/decrement stock levels

Data Warehouse/Lake/Analytics

  • Supported Systems:
    • Oracle Data Mining (ODM)

Custom Middleware Adapters

  • Glue WATT-Net to anything, especially legacy systems which cannot be changed or updated. Useful for "roll your own solution" crowd
  • Custom business logic to solve complex and specific problems

File Based Integrations

  • Custom import/export definitions
  • Scheduled import/export operations
  • Batch file operations for custom pre and post export processing hooks
  • Custom pre and post import processing hooks.
  • Custom file, record, and field level import validations
  • Custom data formatting and transformation before storing in database
  • Support for multiple file formats for different manufacturers, different systems, and process migrations (flat files)

Pains and Gains

- Pains Addressed

  • Avoid time delay in information transit by eliminating manual movement and transcription of data
  • Simplify workflows by automating  tasks and reducing the need for manual intervention
  • Ensure that data is consistent and accurate across different systems, reducing the risk of errors

+ Gains Unlocked

  • Streamline and automate business processes and improve productivity
  • Empower better and more effective collaboration by sharing data across different applications and systems
  • Provide greater visibility into business processes and data, driving more informed decisions and more prompt actions 




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