WATT-Net Database and Administration Module 

  IEC Compatible

Safeguard your data and boost
operational efficiency!

WATT-net Database Management


The Database and Security Administration Module delivers advanced security features and central database management capabilities for small to enterprise-level operations. With this powerful, cost-effective solution, you can easily manage your AMI test data and expand your WATT-Net platform into Application Modules and Integrations. The Security Rights Management features safeguard against unauthorized access and accidental data changes. Whether you're looking to enhance security or streamline your database management processes, this module provides the tools and capabilities you need.

Pricing: Fixed license fee


  • Centralized Database (SQL or Oracle): Choose your preferred database from SQL or Oracle for seamless integration
    • Centralized system management
    • Centralized data repository
    • Singular backup
  • Security Rights Management
    • Configurable groups (application permissions)
    • User control management
    • Integrated Windows authentication or dual-mode authentication
  • Advanced Dashboard
  • User Group Privileges
    • Custom export file definitions
    • Custom data views for the same equipment type
  • Shop Administration
  • Store and Forward Synchronization: Full automation of test result uploads from field test to the central database as well as download of current validation data back into that equipment.
  • Data storage: Store test data, equipment, and multi-media files beyond the 10 GB limit of SQL Express
  • 4-hour Remote Training
    • Introduction to DataView Configuration
    • Introduction to test sequence configuration
    • Introduction to import/export configuration

  • NOTE: This module is REQUIRED to add ANY WATT-Net Module or Integration  

Who Benefits?

  • Meter shop technician
  • Meter shop superintendent
  • Field technicians
  • IT staff
  • Database Administrator
  • Clerical staff
  • Management
  • Customer service

Pains and Gains

- Pains Addressed

  • Easily configure read-access for occasional users such as customer service personnel to prevent accidental data changes
  • Backup all test data with a single database to avoid synchronization issues and improve traceability
  • Streamline data management by eliminating the need for manual sync of validation tables across multiple machines
  • The central database maintains user access without duplicating user information across workstations

+ Gains Unlocked

  • Ensure data security with user access control and secure equipment data transfer to corporate laptops and central databases behind firewalls
  • Proxy sync functionality enables field equipment sync without poking holes through the firewall 
  • Expand access to data by other departments outside the meter shop and enable offline data sync to the central database
  • Customize data views for different user groups to improve usability 

Cost Avoidance-       + Value Adds

  • Free up high-value meter shop and field technicians to focus on testing work by offloading clerical tasks to remote workstations
  • Streamline IT management with centralized user control and Windows Authentication for easy management of WATT-Net users from the IT office
  • Reduce IT burden by managing and backing up all test and equipment data in a single database




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