WATT-Net Sample and Periodic Testing Module

  IEC Compatible

Power up your testing program and stay on top of compliance requirements!

WATT-Net Sample and Periodic Testing


The Sample and Periodic Testing module manages your entire meter deployment to build-up Random, In-Service and Periodic sample testing programs that meet best business practices or your regulated testing requirements. Utilize the included ANSI or Milspec sampling protocols to create and track progress of your testing program.

Pricing: Asset based license fee


  • Requirements gathering (12 hours included; 8-hour increments afterwards)
  • Integrated ANSI / Milspec sampling & reporting
    • Custom sampling rules supported
  • No meter left behind
  • Sample testing oversamples and alternatives
  • Failed in-service lot tracking
    • In-service sample management dashboard: Automated dashboards for monitoring in-service testing progress throughout the year
  • 3rd party sample selection - either a 3rd party in-house system or 3rd party company.

Who Benefits?

  • Meter shop technicians
  • Meter engineers
  • Meter shop superintendents
  • Meter shop administrators
  • Management
  • Field technicians
  • Third party testing companies

Pains and Gains

- Pains Addressed

  • All tests count as PUC compliant. Cut down on excess testing and  compliance-only testing truck rolls by  leveraging all tests including:

    • Due to high bill complaints
    • Service rewiring and maintenance
    • Meter swaps
    • RMA testing
    • Imported third party test results
  • Avoid PUC penalties due to being out of compliance or unable to prove  compliance due to poor recording  keeping

+ Gains Unlocked

  • Automate compliance record keeping with ease and precision, enabling employees to devote their valuable  time and energy to focusing on key  business activities
  • Industry standards (ANSI Z1.04 and Z1.09, Milspec) predefined
  • “No meter left behind” ensures all high-value meters get tested using intelligence on meter multipliers on top of existing annual test sample selection




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