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PQA-300 Power Quality Analyzer offers the latest functionality and measurement technology designed specifically for the Utility industry. The PQA-300 is a compact solution to address; Flicker PST and PLT, Voltage and Current imbalance, Sags, Dips and Swells, harmonics, inter harmonics, THD, RMS Voltage and Current, Phase and Time measurement.

The 1024 samples/second of the PQA-300 exceeds other PQ Recorders on the market and provides the resolution necessary to expose details of transient phenomena normally hidden by slower sampling speeds. Furthermore, the large data memory storage and battery backup provide long term measurement, mitigating the need to revisit sites for further data collection and analysis.

Operator safety during site application is of paramount importance. The PQA-300 is tested to, and complies with 600V CAT IV rating.






1024 samples/cycle – a high sampling speed enables more measurement data to be captured offering 16 microseconds of transient resolution and analysis that are often missed with similar PQ solutions operating at lower sampling speeds.

Large data-storage memory (up to 32GB) – maintained on removable SD Flash cards allowing for more data to be captured over a longer time period.

Wireless Bluetooth Interface – offers the ability to transfer information between the PQA-300 and the PVII software maintained on an external computer.

Rugged, Weatherproof, Lightweight & Compact – the PQA-300 is packaged to be left on-site for continuous monitoring and recording even if power is lost the battery back-up will sustain measurements for at least 4 hours and infinite data storage. The PQA-300 weighs in at 5lbs, dimensions 10”x10”x5.5” and is water resistant.

Infinite Data Backup – using SD Flash storage expandable from 4GB to 32GB without the need for continuous power.

NIST Traceable Calibration – the PQA-300 and associated clamp probes are calibrated using equipment traceable to NIST.

Safety 600V CAT IV – safety is of paramount importance, particularly when applications require measurements undertaken upstream of any fused protection.

Powerful PVII data analysis software – enables efficient diagnostic evaluation of 16 channels of measurement data that can be analyzed, recorded and communicated to those that need to know.

Customer Site Data Records maintained in WATT-Net Plus™ – don’t know where to keep site data? Transfer PQ information and store within Watt-Net Plus Advanced Data management Software. This functionality is not currently available and is in planning for future Watt-Net Plus development.

RADIAN Technical Support – the same technical support team that you have become familiar with from Radian are available to assist with your customer's operational needs, training and technical support. 

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