Syntron Power and Energy Automated Calibration System

ANSI and IEC Compatible 


Power and Energy
Automated Calibration in the Metrology Lab





The RS-933 Syntron Power and Energy Automated Calibration System calibrates a range of test equipment including; Energy Reference Standards, Digital Multimeters, Phase meters, Energy meters, Power meters, Revenue meters, Amp meters, Panel meters & Power Quality meters.

Its ability to deliver 1mA to 200A from one single output offers a versatile solution that reduces test time by eliminating the need to reconfigure test leads. Radian’s direct drive current output technology improves stability, repeatability and settling time without the need for Energy Reference measurement standard in the system feedback found on older equipment.

The system achieves a guaranteed accuracy of 50 ppm, this delivers a superior calibration solution to address a broad range of workload.

The RS-933 has the ability to create user defined waveforms. Independent Voltage and Current harmonics relative to the fundamental are established using the software provided.

The system has multiple pulse comparator inputs to automatically tests up to 16 meters simultaneously maximizing throughput and reducing labor costs.

For meter qualification applications, the system’s ability to deliver signals that help determine cross talk, drift and harmonic distortion simplifies and reduces test time.

With over 36 energy parameters including, multiple VARhours alogorthms, the versatility of the RS-933 delivers a wide choice of functions necessary to meet today’s laboratory calibration requirements.

With increasing demand for ‘real world’ simulation the system provides the flexibility to choose single or multiple phases with harmonic control of each independent Voltage and Current axis.

The RS-933 software provides full automation and documentation control. The familiarity of the Microsoft Windows based solution shortens integration time and reduces training needs.

System efficiency is further enhanced using TCP/IP interface protocol making control and data access available from your company network. This control allows test data to be accessed at any local or remote terminal.

The RS-933 is based on Radian's proven Syntron technology, continual development offers unparalleled performance across a wide range of functions.

Routine verification and system traceability can be achieved using the Radian RD-22 AC/DC transfer standard. Preprogrammed calibration routines within the software offer a simple but unique solution to reducing system downtime and costly maintenance.

A dedicated 20 MHz Reference Clock pulse output offers external measurement system synchronization. Furthermore, the system is able to synchronize to an external GPS Frequency Standard. The 1 pps external signal can be routed to any of the pulse ports enabling simplified UUT time/frequency calibration.


Automated results calculation, automated saving of data, unattended testing capabilities, and the ability to test up to 16 meters at one time will reduce test times from days to hours.

While sophisticated in its internal functioning, the RS-933 system is very simple to operate. The system was designed so that a new user could be up and running after a brief training session.

Utilizing Radian’s patented Syntron technology, the RS-933 serves as a sourcing standard by synthesizing voltage and current waveforms of extreme precision and accuracy. Traceability of the RS-933’s measurement accuracy is maintained directly through Radian’s NIST traceable calibration laboratory.

 The RS-933 test various devices such as Reference Standards, Power Quality Analyzers, Digital Multimeters, Phase meter, Energy meters, Power meters, Revenue meters, Amp meters and Panel meters with extreme accuracy and precision.

The RS-933 with RD-22 Provide a Complete Automated Reference System.

The RS-933 and RD-22 working together effectively serve as a check and balance to the proper functioning of the test sequence. In addition, primary references of DC Voltage, Resistance and Time can be tested against the RD-22. This is a useful feature for those laboratories that desire to perform a DC to AC transfer.






Primary Transfer Standard


Optical Adapter


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